Cove Creek School - Our Story

Cove Creek Celebrates 25 Years!

Cove Creek School - Our Story

December 2020 marks an exciting milestone for the Cove Creek community!  On a snowy day 25 years ago, a group of teachers, staff, WCS maintenance and members of the community came together to move into the new Cove Creek School. Their combined efforts to move an entire school over the Christmas break was a sight to behold, and in the snow on top of that! To see our community come together as a family to accomplish such a feat was a wonderful display of kindness and gratitude for a school that has invested in the lives of children for many generations and will for decades to come. 

We would like to celebrate this chapter of our story through a virtual Heritage Project.  Over the past few months, middle school students have researched and collected artifacts from Cove Creek’s history, and we are excited to share some of these with you!  Take a trip down memory lane with these photos from the 1995-1996 school year.  You may see some familiar faces!

As we move forward with this project, we would love to hear your stories and memories from your time at Cove Creek.  We want to hear your voice and allow the history of Cove Creek to live on for generations to come.  Please continue to check this page as it will be updated with information on how you can contribute to our Cove Creek Heritage Project.

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Cove Creek Heritage Team: Day Miller, Kira Minor, Taylor Welch, Jamie Oxentine, Stephanie Kostis


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