2018-2019 Science Fair Results

2018-2019 BR Science Fair Results

Congratulations to all students who participated!  Here are the results for this year, including students who will participate in Student Academy of Sciences and those who will go on to regional science fair.

1st:  Natalie Fitch
2nd:  Owen Tincher
3rd:  Alixas Clark
1st:  Elsie Davis and Grace Tachney
2nd:  Kate Sears
3rd:  Willa Rupp
Earth/Environmental Science
1st:  Chloe Hemsoth
2nd: Jayden Stirton
1st:  Sydney Marsh
2nd:  Charlie Langley
1st:  Brodie Sukow and Mace Hollars
1st:  Kody Auton
2nd:  Zoey Zagst
3rd:  Hannah Arrowood and Abby Barr
North Carolina Student Academy of Sciences (a thesis type presentation to a panel of judges)
Biology:  Owen Tincher
Chemistry:  Elsie Davis and Grace Tachney
Earth Science:  Chloe Hemsoth
Engineering:  Sydney Marsh
Technology:  Brodie Sukow and Mace Hollars
Physics:  Jake Crosswell and Oliver Farris