Science Fair Results

Science Fair 17-18 Results

The judges were really impressed with the quality of the projects this year and the work the kids put into them.  Students awarded 1st or 2nd will go on to regional science competition in December at ASU.  Students nominated for North Carolina Student Academy of Sciences will also go to regionals and will present their research in a paper and presentation format to a panel of judges with time for questions at the end, much like a thesis defense.
Please congratulate these students when you see them!  They have worked so hard!
Students nominated for NCSAS competition:
McKinley Robbins and Genevieve Powell:  Chemistry of Gluten-Free Flours
Thomas Lehman:  Physics of Steel Forging and Cooling Processes
Micah Duvall:  Bottled Water for Plants:  Which pH causes more growth?
Abbey Noble:  How simulated acid rain affects plant growth and number of leaves
Sam Nixon:  How different brands of sunscreen affect UV sensitive yeast
Iris Westerman and Hayleigh Nunes:  Potential of Solar Energy Output for Hypothetical Solar Panels on Blowing Rock School Roof
Grant Troyer and Collin Anderson:  How salinity affects the freezing point of water
Student Awards for Science Fair:
Biology A
1st  Sam Nixon
2nd  Abbey Noble
3rd  Bella Hoyle
Biology B
2nd  Adam Perez and Jose Miguel Mejia Izaguirre
1st  Iris Westerman and Hayleigh Nunes
2nd  Thomas Lehman
1st  Micah Duvall
1st  Collin Anderson and Grant Troyer
2nd  Doriannah Whitehead and Cloey Hadley
3rd  Addie Thompson
Applied Technology
1st Katie Durham
2nd  Kayla Graham
3rd  Lillee Moore
Environmental and Earth Science
1st  Charlie Burgess (and Sam Cooke at Parkway)
2nd  Wyatt Kohout and Ayden Knight
3rd  Andrew Hill
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