We are hopeful that tomorrow (Friday, January 18th) will be a regular schedule for the last day of exams. In the event that it is not, all possible scenarios are listed below. If we are on a 1 or 2 hour delay, it is imperative that everyone arrives safely to school, on time. Be careful and have a great night. 

Regular Schedule
We will follow our original plan (4th block testing, Advisory, 1st-4th blocks).
1-Hour Delay
4th block testing will begin at 9:30AM, with lunches & Advisory beginning after testing ends.
2-Hour Delay
We will follow the same schedule we ran on Tuesday (report to 3rd block @ 10:30AM for lunches, 4th block testing beginning at 11:20).
3-Hour Delay
4th block review session all day, testing for 4th block on Tuesday.

The first day for students to attend second semester classes will now be Tuesday, January 22nd.  We will communicate the plan for students taking Caldwell classes and early grads in the coming days.

Thanks and please stay safe!

Updated Exam


Fall 2018- Final Exam Letter to Parents/Students