Registration/ Reduced Rate Scholarships

Welcome to After School

We are under way for another great year in After School! Registration forms for the 2018-19 school year are available under your school heading in the left hand column. In addition to completing the online registration, you must also attend a class with the Program Coordinatior at your school to complete enrollment.

  • At this point registration is only by a pre-scheduled appointment with the Program Coordinator at your school. Choose your child's school and "Staff Directory" for the contact information for the Program Coordinator at your school.

During your scheduled appointment, the Program Coordinator will go over child care policy, fees, and additional program information. Payment will be expected for the first month in advance of service, and may be given to the Program Coordinator during the meeting. At the beginning of school the first payment will cover both August and September and your next payment will be due October 1. Please note that after the first initial payment, the Program Coordinator will be unable to accept payments. 

Our programs begin the first day of school and end on the next to the last day of the school year.

Kindergarteners must have attended their first day of school before attending.

Registration/Reduced Rate Scholarships

Applications for the reduced rate scholarship will be available at the same time registration materials are available. This year applications must be submitted on or before August 19, 2018 to be approved for August/September. If spaces remain available after this date we will continue to accept applications. Subsequent application periods will end on the 20th of each month for the upcoming month (applications received after August 19 will be reviewed for the beginning of October, before October 20 for the beginning of November, etc.). Since spaces for these scholarships are limited and fill up at the beginning of the year please consider applying as soon as possible. We only have 15 half-rate scholarships for the entire county. Once all spaces are filled we will compile a waiting list. All applications will be considered based on eligibility first, and secondly on a first come, first served status. No application will be considered for approval until ALL required documentation is submitted. Before school begins you must submit required documentation to the Central Office. Once school begins you may submit documentation to the Central Office at 175 Pioneer Trail, Boone, 28607 to Pam Shirley or scan and email to or to the Program Coordinator at your school.

Click Here to Access the 2018-2019 ELC Reduced Rate Application