• Who is Ms. Ungerer?

    Ms. Ungerer began as an elementary school teacher in Orange Park, FL. She moved to NC in 2005 and worked as a technology teacher before taking  a position with Rowan Salisbury Schools as an Instructional Technology Facilitator. After working with exceptional SLMCs (School Librarian and Media Coordinators), she realized that being a school librarian was more of who she was: a teacher, a networker, an information and media specialist.  She joined the Pioneers in 2016 and hopes to continue to foster strong student, parent and staff appreciation of literature for learning as well as leisure. 

    A very, very long time ago, Ms. U was a Personnelman in the United States Navy: PN3 Meza.  She encourages all students to be honorable, courageous and committed in all they do. Do you have a question about books, research, college, career? Step into the library and just ask for Ms. U. If she doesn't know the answer, she will help you find it! Teamwork! Hooyah!