Distance Learning/Alternative Learning Program

  • Distance Learning

    The distance learning program provides opportunities for Watauga High School students to participate in courses not traditionally offered in the classroom at WHS. Students may also be enrolled in distance learning to recover lost credits. Curriculum is provided through Compass - Learning Odyssey, North Carolina Virtual Public Schools (NCVPS), and other higher educational institutes. Students should see their assigned school counselor if interested in taking an online course.

    Distance Learning Contact:

    Jean Ross



    Watauga High School Alternative Learning Program (ALP)

    The Watauga High School Alternative Learning Program consists of the temporary placement of recommended students in a more supportive learning environment in order to meet individual academic, social and emotional needs.The program is based on the Trauma Informed Compassionate School Model. The Alternative Learning Program provides certified instructors who facilitate and support students’ successful completion of courses through online and teacher facilitated educational instruction. In addition to the regular curriculum, students are involved in life skills training, social/emotional learning, and enrichment activities that will help prepare them for success in life outside of the school. Students will be considered for participation in the alternative program through a referral process. Referrals can be made by the parent, teacher, counselor, graduation coach or administrator. Please refer to the link below for a copy of the ALP referral form if needed. Upon enrollment into the program, an Individualized Success Plan (ISP) will be created for each student. The ISP will outline goals that will assist the student in completing courses necessary to graduate with his/her cohort.  At the conclusion of each semester a review will be completed for each student to determine if the student is ready to be placed back in the general education setting.

    ALP Contact:


    Michael Windish



    Twilight Program

    The Watauga High School Twilight Program is an online evening school program from 3:45-7:30 pm.  This program was created to provide an additional alternative educational experience in a small school environment staffed by a certified teacher who is committed to helping all students be successful and obtain a high school diploma. 

    Twilight Contact: