• Parkway Physical Education 2021-2022 

    Our Mission: We strive to educate every student of the importance and joy of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

    This webpage features a variety of fun activites that promote healthy eating and exercise habits. Select your grade and the topic you wish to explore from the sidebar. Print off your completed puzzles and games for extra credit in Physical Education!

    Parkway Gymnasium

    Grading Policy

    Students in Kindergarten, First and Second grade will receive the following:

    M - Consistently Meeting Expectations
    - Showing Growth Toward Expectations
    U - Not Meeting Expectations

    We will be reinforcing positive behavior by having PARKWAY ALL-STARS!:

    S - Stay On Task
    T - Try Your Best
    A - Active Listening
    R - Respect Self, Others and Equipment
    S - Sportsmanship and Responsibility

    Students in grades 3-8 will have the following grade scale:

    A+ = 99-100   A = 92-98   A- = 90-91
    B+ = 88-89    B = 82-87   B- = 80-81
    C+ = 78-79     C = 72-77    C- = 70-71
    D+ = 68-69    D- = 62-68  D- = 60-61
    F - 59 and Below

    The students will start the nine weeks with the grade of 100. Points will be deducted from 100 points for the following:

    -5 points for Incomplete Fitness Testing
    -5 points for Office Referral
    -3 points for Improper Shoes/ Not Prepared For Class
    -3 points for Improper Behavior
    -3 points for Non-Participation
    -2 points for Gum
    -2 Points for Repeated Tardiness