• 2020-21 Season

    Off-Season WorkoutsWorkouts in person will begin June 15th. Check your email for info and groups!

    Remote Off Season Workouts for June will continue as well! (If you would like to receive these workouts, please email barryl@wataugaschools.org or paynep@wataugaschools.org.)

    Shooting Development Workouts  (pdf in new window) 


    Week 3 Competition: Wraps & Between

    1st: Ben Hale - 34:23

    2nd: Gresham Collins - 35:20

    3rd: Jonah Martin - 38:00


    Week 2 Competition: Killer 150

    1st: Jonah Martin - 1:05

    2nd: Calvin Greene - 1:24

    3rd: Grayson Elliott - 1:39


    Week 1 Competition: Quick Combo Challenge

    1st: Jonah Martin - 81

    2nd: Drew Wilcox - 75

    3rd: Davis Hunt - 71


  • Team Standards

    We want to build a team of young men that choose to challenge themselves and each other to be champions of character each day. We will hold one another accountable to these standards, and grow from both our mistakes and successes.

    -We are honest, respectful, and disciplined 
    -We work
    -We leave things better than we found them
    -We act selflessly 
    -We understand the growth mindset

  • Questions? Get in touch:

    Coach Laura Barry - barryl@wataugaschools.org

    Coach Bryson Payne - paynep@wataugaschools.org

    Coach Andrew Wilson - wilsonan@wataugaschools.org

    Twitter- @WataugaMBB