•  Pioneer Basketball 


    Mission Statement:

    We aim to teach young men how to work together and be a part of something bigger than themselves and represent Watauga in a very positive way.



    We want to be a very hardworking, selfless, dedicated, prepared, and mature team with positive attitudes and great energy.



    1. Character

      1. This is the most important pillar of our program.  We want high-character individuals.  Bad attitudes will not be tolerated. 

    2. Family

      1. Team before me. The team’s success is the most important. We want individuals who are more concerned about their teammates’ success than their own. We want a group of guys who all strive to be the best possible brother/teammate possible. 

    3. Preparation

      1. Know who we are.  Before we can maximize our potential, we must be very self-aware of ourselves and understand what we need to do to put ourselves in a position to be successful. We are entitled to NOTHING and must work for everything.

    4. Discipline

      1. Show up everyday. Discipline is doing everything at the highest possible level.  We do EVERYTHING with consistent FULL effort & focus.  We waste no opportunities to improve. 

    5. Grit

      1. No quit.  We want guys who refuse to give up.  No matter the circumstances or score, we are going to compete as hard as we possibly can for as long as possible.  If we fail, we do not give up, we get back to work and strive to get better every day.


    "It’s Amazing How Much Can Be Accomplished When No One Cares Who Gets The Credit"

  • Questions? Get in touch:

    Head Coach Bryson Payne - paynep@wataugaschools.org

    Coach Andrew Wilson (JV) - wilsonan@wataugaschools.org

    Coach Marc Payne (Varsity Assistant) 

    Coach Jake Smith (Freshmen)

    Twitter- @WataugaMBB