Mission Statement:

    -We aim to teach young men how to work together and be a part of something bigger than themselves and represent Watauga in a very positive way.



    -We want to be a very hardworking, dedicated, prepared, and mature team with positive attitudes and great energy.



    1. Attitude/Character
      1. Bad attitudes will not be tolerated by coaches or players in any situation. Follow the champion’s creed.
    2. Dedication
      1. Players and coaches are expected to be fully committed to this school and team and community.
    3. Discipline
      1. Players and coaches are expected to do all things that are necessary to build and maintain a successful program that positively represents the school and community. Everything matters.
    4. Team Before Self
      1. Players and Coaches are expected to place the needs of the team over themselves.  We have a team-first mentality.


    "It’s Amazing How Much Can Be Accomplished When No One Cares Who Gets The Credit"

  • Questions? Get in touch:

    Head Coach Bryson Payne - paynep@wataugaschools.org

    Coach Andrew Wilson (JV) - wilsonan@wataugaschools.org

    Coach Marc Payne (Varsity Assistant) 

    Coach Jake Smith (Freshmen)

    Twitter- @WataugaMBB