Core Values - Our Culture

    • Commitment - Being all in and giving perfect effort; always showing up 100% physically and emotionally and focusing on the details
    • Respect - Understanding the needs of others and consideration for their point of view. 
    • Hard Work - Giving our all despite adversity; Understanding that my 100% is different than someone else’s but that we are all moving in the same direction
    • Family - Trusting one another and having every person’s back; F.A.M.I.L.Y
    • Service - Putting others’ needs above our own; willingly giving up praise for ourselves for the good of the team.

    Summer Updates:

    Join us for Pioneer Day Camp! June 29-July 1
    Open to grades 2nd-9th

    List of Registered Athletes:
    Peyton Isaacs    
    Kailey Greer    
    Chloe Weigl    
    Presli Wood    
    Blair Haines
    Quinn Haines
    Maria Soto    
    Maggie Soto
    Bailey Kidwell    
    Addison Kidwell
    Eme Miller    
    Analise Miller
    Kailey Greer    
    Maya West
    Marley Raymond 
    Emma Raymond 
    Peyton Guy
    Izzy Mohr
    Gabby Lawrence 
    Kylie Eldreth
    Kennedy Moore
    Cali Townsend
    Madison McIver
    Charlotte Moretz
    Emmalee McGuire
    Emerson Hancock
    Hannah Graham

    Spring Practices/June Practices:

    Team Calendar (Click to open - Changes frequently)



    Twitter: WataugaHSWBB

    Instagram: wataugawbb


    Laura Barry - Head Coach (barryl@wataugaschools.org)

    Kalie Eppley - JV Coach (eppleyk@wataugaschools.org)

    Bill Torgerson - Assistant (william.torgerson@gmail.com) 

    Sam Crabbe - Assistant


    Watauga 2021-22 Rosters:

    # Name Year
    1 Marley Coffey Jr.
    3 Brelyn Sturgill Sr.
    10 Brielynn Myers So.
    12 Kate Sears Fr.
    13 Diane McGlamery So.
    15 Caroline Farthing Jr.
    20 Brooke Scheffler Jr.
    21 Laurel Kiker Jr.
    30 Kaitlyn Darner Fr.
    33 Charlotte Torgerson So.
      Laura Barry  
      Kalie Eppley  
      Bill Torgerson  
      Sam Crabbe  
    Watauga Women's Basketball
    2021-22 JV Roster
    # Name Year
      Julie Matheson Fr.
      Kate Yoblinski So.
      Kaitlyn Darner Fr.
      Diane McGlamery So.
      Olivia Foskey So.
      Lindsey Sturgill Fr.
      Gracie Lawrence Fr.
      Addy Healy Fr.
October challenge
2016 Summer Camp