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    For more information contact Coach Mac at mcdonoughr@wataugaschools.org for info.

     Update on start of the season. 

    CC will officially start Nov. 4 and end around Jan 23. 


    Watauga High Cross Country

    The first thing you need is a physical dated after March 1, 2019. The athletes who had physicals last year after that date are being given 2 years instead of one. You will not need to see a physician but you will need to fill out the front of the medical form with the family history and parent and student signatures.


    Practices are going to be Monday-Friday 3:50-5:20 & 4:00-5:30.

    There are going to be some new rules for phase one of the open practices.

    1.  We are now allowed 10Click Here0 people total. That includes coaches. 

     2.  There will be an entrance gate and exit gate. You will enter by way of concession gate and leave by way of ticket booth gate.

    3. Everyone will have their temperature taken and answer several questions before each practice. Before the first practice, I must have the Initial       Screening Form Filled out. 

    4. No parents, relatives, friends will be allowed to stay at practice. They may wait in the car if so desired.

    5. You may change in one of the restroomsin the stadium. Just be aware that only 3 people at a time can be in each bathroom.  

    6. Everyone needs to bring their own water bottle, labeled with your name. No sharing

    7. Everyone will be put in "pods" or groups for running and are expected to observe the social distancing rules.

    Below is a link to the Family ID. It will allow you to fill out all of the forms online instead of having to turn in paperwork. 

    If the link does not work, copy and paste in your browser.



    Welcome to the Watauga High School cross country teams. Everyone is a valued member of the team. Everyone is welcome as long as they get to practice regularly. You will not “sit the bench” on this team. Everyone runs in most of the meets.





    For more information email mcdonoughr@wataugaschools.org



    Team APP: This will be where we communicate most information about training, schedules, meets, and practice. 

    Watauga XC Team App











    It has workouts for beginners as well as experienced runners. Whether you come to summer practices, you will still need to run. Your body needs you to come into August with a base of running. You will have fewer aches and pains.



    A good pair of training shoes.

    A watch with a stopwatch function (required)

    A water bottle (we will supply the water)


    For more info contact Coach Mac at mcdonoughr@wataugaschools.org


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Athletic Forms & Information

Pioneer Cross Country

  • Head Coach

    Randy McDonough

    PE Teacher Hardin Park School



    Assistant Coaches

    Dan McAulay

    Art Teacher

    Cove Creek and Blowing Rock Schools

    Tom McDonough

    Sales Associate 

    State Farm Insurance

    Matthew Anderson

    Landscape Gardner

    Caldwell Community College

    Emma Beach

    Student Caldwell Community College

    Michael Holland

     Bailie Smith