Watauga Cheerleading
  • Thank you for your interest in the Watauga High School Cheer Program. The Cheer teams consist of the Varsity (V) and Junior Varsity (JV) teams. The role of each team member regardless of the respective team is to serve as a spirit leader and an ambassador of the school. Team members are involved in helping to promote a positive image of Watauga High School as well as being leaders in the community and surrounding areas. 

    The purpose of the Cheer teams is to foster appropriate behavior while improving academic performance in all students. Through this program, student athletes learn citizenship, community, commitment, endurance, and teamwork. 


      The NCHSAA has sanctioned cheerleading as a sport, and it will be treated as such by Watauga High School. To be eligible to try out for a position on a cheerleading team, candidates must be academically qualified and on track for graduation. 


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