Translation/Interpretation Requests

  • To submit a document for interpretation:

    1. Discuss the document with your school principal to obtain approval for translation.
    2. Submit the document requiring translation by either:
      • Emailing the document as an attachment to
        Jorge Ramirez (, or
      • Sharing the document with
        Jorge Ramirez in Google Drive.

    To make a reservation for in-person interpretation services:

    1. Please review the calendar below to ensure the translator is available. (You must be signed into your WCS Google Apps Account to view the calendar.)
    2. Submit your request using the form at the bottom of the page. Your request must not conflict with other appointments already scheduled on the calendar below. 


    Requests will be reviewed and scheduled in the order in which they are received. The translator will contact the requestor if there is a conflict scheduling any request. Please wait for your confirmation via email before finalizing your meeting (e.g., confirming with parents, administrators and/or teachers, etc). The calendar may not reflect all current changes within the last business day.

    CANCELLATIONS: We understand IEP meetings or parent/teacher conferences may be canceled or rescheduled due to circumstances beyond the control of the requestor. Please contact the translator via email as quickly as possible (including your phone number) with the cancellation of an existing meeting. The translator will contact you by phone or email to reschedule.

    To request a specific meeting with the Family Resource Coordinator please email Yolanda Adams at:  

    Translator Calendar

    Interpretation Request Form