Strategic Plan Overview

  • The Watauga County Schools Strategic Plan was developed during the 2015-2016 school year by a team of teacher leaders along with school and district administrators and approved by the Board of Education in March 2016. This process began with gathering over 1,800 items of feedback from over 600 individuals — faculty and staff, students, board members, and community members — and then analyzing this data for common themes as well as alignment with the North Carolina State Board of Education's goals.

    The Core and Steering Teams that developed the Strategic Plan strived to create a living document that is concise, focused, and easily understandable, and identifies measurable strategies to guide and assess our district's work. At the heart of the plan is a simple but bold vision: that Watauga County Schools will be the best place in North Carolina to learn and work.

    The Plan Formats

    To facilitate understanding of the Strategic Plan for various groups, our teams developed two formats in which to present this information. Both contain the same vision, goals, and objectives.

    Golden Circle version

    One format of the Strategic Plan is a Golden Circle, which places our vision — the underlying "why" for everything we do — at the center, with supporting goals and strategies radiating outward. (More information on the Golden Circle concept can be found in Simon Sinek's TED talk "How Great Leaders Inspire Action," as well as on Mr. Sinek's website, Start With Why.)

    Linear version

    The Strategic Plan is also available in a linear format that more clearly articulates the nested, hierarchical nature of its goals and strategies.

    PDF downloads of both versions of the Strategic Plan are available below. This area of the WCS website will be updated with data showing the progress in each strategy, as well as with stories from our students, teachers, and other stakeholders showcasing our goals in action.

Strategic Plan Downloads