The Grant paying for parent fees is ending. Please be prepared to begin making after school fee payments on April 1, 2023. You may review the new fee schedule by clicking on Parent Handbook, Fees, Tax Info, Child Care Voucher Info, & Reduced Rate Eligibility on the left-hand side of this page. (Please note that all fees have increased for the 22-23 School Year.)  

    Families that need help with fees or already receive Child Care Subsidies, please continue to apply and maintain your child care vouchers since there will be an end to the waived after school fees. If you do have parental fees that you are required to pay, those fees will be paid through the end of March 2023 by our program with the grant funds that we have received. Please be prepared to begin paying parental subsidy co-pay fees for April on Apr 1, 2023 and each month going  forward. 

    Click on the Holiday/Snow Day Program tab on the left for the most up-to-date information and the Registration link.

    Spaces for Spring Break Days, April 11-14, are limited. We are almost at capacity for these days. Please register as soon as possible if you need these days.

    The last day to register for or add Professional Development Day for February 15th is February 10th by 4pm.   

     Registrations for Snow Days MUST be received allowing at least 48 business hours (M-F, 8:00-5:00) in advance in order for enrollment to be completed for a child to be able to attend their first day.

    *PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently enrolling middle school students in the Holiday Snow/Day program. Priority will first be given to Kindergarten - 5th grade students enrolling for the most number of days.  See other options for middle school students below:



    To begin registration for the after school program, please click on the name of your child's school from the list at the left of this page and follow the instructions. You must complete and submit this online application in order for your child to be considered for a space in the program for which you are registering. After submitting the form, you will be informed by email you are on a waitlist.  You will notified by another email how to complete the registration process when a space is available. 

    Please be aware, if you have never had a child attend our program before, at least one parent/guardian will need to attend a *parent meeting with the program coordinator at your school. This may be virtual or in-person at your request. The program coordinator will contact you by phone or email to set up this meeting.

         The parent meeting is by appointment only.

    We MUST have the Parent Enrollment Form part 2 and Field Trip/Photo release forms signed and returned to the program coordinator BEFORE the child attends his/her first day of the after school program. The second Enrollment forms and Parent Policy Handbook will be sent to your email after you submit the online registration form and your child's enrollment has been accepted.

    Payment is required in advance before children may attend their first day of the after school program. Children must maintain active attendance in the program at least 1 hour a day for at least 3 days per week to continue to be enrolled. (Exceptions may be made for extended illness with notification from the parent/guardian.)


    ATTENTION: The after school program uses PROCARE as our parent portal and online payment system. You will find more information on Procare in the left-hand column. All parents/guardians MUST provide an up-to-date email address in order to create a Procare account, which is required to complete the registration process.


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  • How do I enroll my child?

    Choose your school from the left hand column, click on “Register Now” and follow the instructions to complete and submit the form. YOU MUST HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS TO REGISTER.  If you do not have access to a computer or phone, call the program coordinator at your school listed on the cover of this document to make an appointment OR attend one of the predetermined registration dates posted on the web page before the beginning of school (a computer and help will be provided to register).  By submitting your online registration form in Procare, you will be placed on the waitlist to be processed. You will receive email confirmation including a parent handbook and parent authorization form when a space is available. 

     For each program you will receive a separate invitation from Procare (our online billing and attendance software). After accepting the invitation sent to you, you will have the ability to “switch” or choose from a dropdown box, from one school or program to another either online or on the phone app. The Holiday/Snow Day program will be separate in this way. You will receive an email with instructions to complete your enrollment.

     If you have not signed up with Procare before, you will receive an email invite from Procare  to create your own Procare account for student information,to make changes, check your student in or out and for payment and financial information. There is also a phone app available (see page 16). If you have signed up in Procare before you will already have an account (many child care centers in our area currently use this software).

      Your registration is not complete by filling out the online registration form.

    Before your child may attend, the following must occur for registration to be complete:

    1. Complete and submit a Procare registration form (online) YOU MUST HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS TO REGISTER.

    2. Meet with the program coordinator for policies to be explained verbally.

    3. Sign and turn in the parent authorization form to the program coordinator at your orientation meeting (normally sent by email with the parent policy information handbook).

    4. Pay for the first month in advance of service. 

    5. Children must be legally enrolled in a Watauga County elementary school during the school year, be five years old and must have attended their first day of kindergarten.

    6. Pay all prior past due balances for ELC and Holiday/ Snow Day.

    7. Children who require a one on one nurse or professional through the school day will be considered on an individual basis prior to enrollment. The program does not have funding for these services.

    8. Middle School Students will not initially be considered for enrollment in the afterschool program in August. Priority will first be given to Kindergarten - 5th grade students enrolling for the most number of days. Due to waiting lists and increases in operating costs, there will no longer be a discount fee offered for middle school students.

    9. Please note: In order for your child to qualify for waived fees, your child MUST maintain active attendance (not just enrolled) in the after school program at least 1 hour per day, 3 days per week.


    Licensing regulations require that certain policies be explained directly to parents, even when the policies are also provided in writing, registration is not complete until you meet with the program coordinator and pay in advance

    For Registration you will need:

    1. 30-45 minutes meeting with your program coordinator. Please be considerate, on time and attentive.

                 Parents arriving late will be scheduled for the next class.

    1. Names and phone numbers of emergency contacts.

    2. Names and phone numbers of everyone you will authorize to pick up your child.

    3. Name and number of your private insurance policy or Medicaid, if applicable. 

    4. Name and phone numbers of your child’s doctor, preferred hospital, and dentist.

    A child can be enrolled in our program at any time during the school year, provided there is an opening in their age group and staffing adequate to maintain minimum ratio requirements for that group.

    Help with Fees

     Subsidies are available to eligible parents through the Department of Social Services or Caldwell Community College (students only). A limited number of ELC Reduced Rate scholarships are available to low income parents who do not qualify for child care subsidies available from the Department of Social Services. Parents must apply and be approved for the scholarship. Applications are available on this page in the same area as the registration link for your school.

    Is there an option for middle school students?

    Students in grades 6-8 can obtain after school services through Western Youth Network (WYN) 264-5174. See WYN’s website at www.westernyouthnetwork.org for details on their after school program. 

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Watauga County Schools Extended Learning Centers is to promote the academic mission of Watauga County Schools while providing the working parents of our community a sanctuary of safety as well as intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being for their children. It is the staff’s intent to inspire each child to his or her highest potential while providing a fun and positive atmosphere.

    Extended Learning Center Program Summary

    The Extended Learning Center (ELC) after school program offers supervised educational, recreational, and enrichment activities 2:30 – 6:00p.m. for Watauga County Schools students in grades K-5 at each elementary school. We open at 12:00 on scheduled early release days, but     do    not operate on holidays, teacher work days, or when schools are closed or dismissed early due to inclement weather. A holiday/work   day/snow day program is available at Hardin Park for most of these situations. The after school centers in each of the K-8 elementary schools and the Holiday/Snow Day program at Hardin Park are licensed as  school-age child care programs by the NC Division of Child Development. They each have achieved a five-star rating, the highest rated license available, and are independently monitored by state consultants.

    Program Personnel and Management

    An after school Program Coordinator is in charge of daily operations on-site, including supervision of staff, activity planning, ordering and organizing materials and supplies, and compliance with licensing regulations and program polices. Most personnel are ASU students majoring in education or a related field. All personnel receive criminal background checks and each center has personnel trained in CPR and First Aid. Child/staff ratios are typically in the range of 14-18:1. Overall program management is provided by Pam Shirley (264-7190).