• Registration/Reduced Rate Scholarships

         We are preparing for another great year in After School! Registration forms for the 2017-18 school year are now available  below under your school heading. To complete the registration process contact the program coordinatior at your school to set up a time to meet, go over child care policy and pay for the first month.

        Our programs begin the first day of school on August 21, 2017.
     Kindergarteners must have attended their first day of school before attending.

         Applications for the reduced rate scholarship are also available. This year applications must be submitted on or before  August 21, 2017 to be approved for August/September. If spaces remain available after this date we will continue to accept applications.  Subsequent application periods will end on the 20th of each month for the upcoming month ( applications received after August 21 will be approved for the beginning of October, before October 20 for the beginning of November, etc.). Since spaces for these scholarships are limited and fill up at the beginning of the year please consider applying as soon as  possible. We only have 15 half-rate scholarships for the entire county. Once all spaces are filled we will compile a waiting list. All applications will be considered based on eligibility first, and secondly first come, first served status. No application will be considered for approval until ALL required documentation is submitted.   Before school begins you must submit paperwork to the Central Office. Once school begins you may submit paperwork to the Central Office at 175 Pioneer Trail, Boone, 28607 to Pam Shirley or scan and email to shirleyp@wataugaschools.org or to the Program Coordinator at your school.


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  • Watauga County Schools 

    After School fees are based on the 180 day school calendar.  Beginning this year, fees will be divided equally into 9 equal monthly payments instead of 10. Since we begin late in August it has been difficult for some parents to come up with two payments in a row by September 1. The inititial payment will pay for the program through September with the first bill being invoiced for October 1. Each month afterward, the payment will be the same unless you have late payment charges or late pick up charges. Basing fees on school days eliminates the need to credit back inclement weather days, makes billing simpler and fees easier to remember.  The monthly flat rate applies regardless of the number of days the facility is open during a month.

    The first month’s payment is expected at the time of registration in order that your child be considered officially enrolled.   If you register and pay in August, you will receive your first bill in September for the month of October, due October 1. You should set up your account with OSP (see instruction sheet in handbook) and you will be able to access your account to see that payments have been credited, make payments online or print off payment information for tax purposes.


    • 1st of each month- Payment is due on or before the 1st, in advance for the upcoming month.
    • 3rd of the month - A late fee applies to bills not fully paid on or before the 3rd of the month.
    • 5th of the month - Children will be excluded from attending the program if your bill for the month is not fully paid ON OR BEFORE the 5th.

    Parents registering after the 15th of a month will pay half a month rate (except for the months of August and December). Please note:  you will not receive refunds for inclement weather days. These days will be rescheduled as school days and we will operate on the make-up day. No refunds will be made for days not used. 

    Parents registering children for the program after October 1 will pay the normal monthly rate for each day the children are registered to attend in June. Parents who have been registered before October 1 and continue to be registered during the year (without withdrawals) do not pay a monthly bill for June.

    *The reduced rate scholarship is available to low income parents. Priority is given to younger children and those registering for 5 days per week. To be eligible for August/September scholarship the cutoff is Aug 21 including all accompanying documentation.  Parents must apply and be approved for the scholarship. To be eligible parents must first apply and be denied subsidy through the Department of Social Services.

    Days per Week

    Monthly Rate Per Child

    Reduced Rate Per Child

    3 Days OR Less OR Limited Use









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  • After School Kids  

      Mission Statement
       The mission of the Watauga County Schools Extended Learning Centers is to promote the academic mission of Watauga County Schools while          providing the working parents of our community a sanctuary of safety as well as intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being for                their children. It is the staff’s intent to inspire each child to his or her highest potential while providing a fun and positive atmosphere.

      Extended Learning Center Program Summary
       The Extended Learning Center (ELC) after school program offers supervised educational, recreational, and enrichment activities 2:30 – 6:00p.m. for Watauga County Schools students in grades K-5 at each elementary school. We open at 12:00 on scheduled early release days, but     do    not operate on holidays, teacher work days, or when schools are closed or dismissed early due to inclement weather. A holiday/work   day/snow day program is available at Hardin Park for most of these situations. Each after school site is licensed as a school-age child care program by the NC Division of Child Development.

    Program Personnel and Management
    An after school Program Coordinator is in charge of daily operations on-site, including supervision of staff, activity planning, ordering and organizing materials and supplies, and compliance with licensing regulations and program polices. Most personnel are ASU students majoring in education or a related field. All personnel receive criminal background checks and each site has personnel trained in CPR and First Aid. Child/staff ratios are typically in the range of 11-18:1. Overall program management is provided by Pam Shirley (264-7190).

    How do I enroll my child?
    Please note that registration is required before a child can attend the program. Because licensing regulations require certain policies be explained directly to parents, even when the policies are also provided in writing,registration must be completed in person with the Program Coordinator. However, you can speed up registration by filling out the online registration form provided below under "LINKS". Choose the school where your child will be attending. Remember to have all phone numbers, doctor and insurance information before you get started. You can contact the Program Coordinator from the "Department Contacts" information below (click on the school). After the online registration is submitted, parents must attend a policy class. To make these classes as expeditious as possible please be prepared to spend between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Parents who are late may be scheduled for another class. During the policy class you will be given a parent handbook, asked to pay fees for the first month in advance and sign a statement of understanding.
    After the initial registration at the beginning of the school year, registration is by appointment only.

    2017-2018 Fees
    Fees for each child range from $149 per month for 3 or fewer days per week to $203 per month for 5 days per week. Since we must hire and pay staff based on expected attendance, fees are charged for each day a child is registered to attend, including absences. Subsidies are available to eligible parents through the Department of Social Services, Caldwell Community College (students only), and clients of WAMY Community Action. A limited number of ELC Reduced Rate scholarships are available to low income parents who do not qualify for child care subsidies available from the Department of Social Services. Parents must apply and be approved for the scholarship. Applications are available on this page in the same area as the registration link for your school. The costs of a daily snack and program supplies are included in the program fees (see complete Fee Scale at the bottom of the page under the Additional Information section). Fees for the upcoming school year are normally announced sometime in July after the Board meeting. You may check back here to see if the fees have been updated for the year during the month of July.

    After filling out the online registration form under your school name in the left hand column of the main page, you should contact your program coordinator to attend a policy class and to go over the Parent Handbook.

    Is there an option for middle school students?
    Students in grades 6-8 can obtain after school services with our programs or through Western Youth Network (WYN) 264-5174. See WYN’s website at www.westernyouthnetwork.org for details on their after school program. A limited number of middle school students can participate as volunteers in the Watauga County Schools after school program for reduced fees; contact your school’s Program Coordinator for details.


2017-2018 After School Professionals Team