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    2023-24 Football Calendar (Click)

    Here is the official football calendar for the 2023 football season. We will continue to update this calendar with football activities. Please save this Google Sheet Calendar to stay updated on football activities. 



    When are the two summer dead periods for the 2024-25 school year? 

    (Class of 2025, 2026, 2027, & 2028)

    Dead Period #1 July 1- July 7, 2024

    Dead Period #2 July 15-21, 2024

    College Football Recruiting & NCAA Eligibility Information

    A Guide to assist the high school student-athlete with exposure, recruitment, and college selection

    2023 NCAA Recruiting & Eligibility Meeting PowerPoint 5/18


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    The Watauga Way

    A Watauga High Football Player understands he has to show up consistently, he has to show up with a great coachable attitude, he has to do it with a burning desire to be successful, he has to be willing to pay the price, and he has to have integrity and discipline.  If he does do those things if he has those things, he will be successful and the team will be successful.

    "Watauga Way"  5 Core Values

     Watauga High School Football

    Mission Statement

    We want to reach our full potential as a team while representing our team, school, and community in a positive way both on and off the field.


    Be a team-oriented football team that is extremely disciplined and plays fundamentally sound football with great energy.


    The three acronyms we will use to describe our team culture are:

    WTW: Work To Win   GPE: Give Perfect Effort    TBM: Team Before Me

      People ask what it takes to turn a team into a championship-caliber team.

    There is no magic formula. Hard work, discipline, perseverance, teamwork, and trust win more often than they lose.

    We are going to have to play fundamentally sound in all areas of the football game. Examples are carrying the football correctly, blocking and tackling more effectively, and protecting the football. We are going to have to play smarter and we are not going to tolerate players who like to “do their own thing”. We will need to eliminate missed assignments. I want smart, disciplined, and effort-play from all of us, including practices and other team activities.  One of the things we will need to do is strive for excellence and perfection.  We will help you do this as long as you remain coachable and have the right TEAM attitude.

    We will not tolerate players thinking just of themselves all the time. I believe in discipline. Discipline is not what you do to someone, but what you do for someone. It needs to be done out of love and care.

    I want us all (players/coaches) to raise our expectations and strive for excellence and perfection.  We, as a team, are going to practice strict loyalty and trust in one another. We are going to learn to be loyal to our team, coaches, and teammates.

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