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      Parent Night (at WHS)

           Tuesday, February 11th 

           5:30 - 6:15  -  Parent / Student Registration Information Meeting (in WHS auditorium)

           6:15 - 7:00  - Open House / Curriculum Fair (in commons/cafeteria area and select classrooms)


      Planning the Freshman Schedule

      Watauga High School operates on a Block Schedule.  This means that with a few exceptions, students will have 4, 90 minute courses for the 1st semester, which will be completed at the end of the semester.  The student will then have 4 different courses for the 2nd semester for a total of 8 courses each year. 

      During registration, we will plan for each of those 8 courses for the student's Freshman year.  Five of those eight courses must be ENGLISH, WORLD HISTORY, EARTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, MATH & HEALTHFUL LIVING.  Depending on the student's individual scheduling needs, there will be from 1 to 3 elective slots available.   Please think about the list of courses available to Freshman and plan for 6 elective class choices, in order of preference from 1st to 6th.  WHS will develop a schedule based on those choices that will most effectively work for the student.  Please be aware that during registration there is not a way to request a course be taken in a particular class period, semester or with a specific teacher.


      example schedules

       WHS Freshman Course Descriptions