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    Welcome to the School Social Workers homepage.

    School social workers are the link between home and school, working to build and strengthen relationships to help students reach their highest potential. They are instrumental in connecting children and families to agencies, programs and resources in the community. School social workers bring a strength-based, systems approach as they work to ensure that children are in school and have everything they need to be successful.

    At Hardin Park, the school social worker is Denise Presnell.  You may reach her at 828-264-8481 or 


    Please be sure to send a written excuse to your child's teacher when he or she has been absence. If it for a reason considered excused by school board policy, the absence will be coded excused. You will receive letters if your child has 15 tardies, 15 absences and 3 unexcused absences.  A meeting will be scheduled if your child has 5 unexcused absences to discuss reasons for the absences and make a plan to improve attendance or address issues leading to unexcused absences. At 10 unexcused absences, another conference will be held to determine whether it is a truancy issue that requires court involvement.

    NC Compulsory Attendance Law NC115C-378

    Compassionate Schools:
    The Heart of Learning and Teaching: Compassion, Resilience and Academic Success 

    Community Resources

    App Health Care - medical care, Triple P, dental, nutrition (WIC, etc.)


    Community Care Clinic - medical care, counseling, case management


    Daymark - counseling, crisis


    High Counry Community Health - medical, counseling, dental


    Hunger and Health Coalition - food, pharmacy, wood lot


    Juvenile Justice


    OASIS - domestice violence


    Western Youth Network


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