Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am interested in my home-schooled high school student taking some classes at Watauga High School.  What is my next step?

    Please stop by Watauga High School to get enrollment paperwork from Mary Poteat (Student Services Secretary) and have her make an appointment with the grade-level counselor.  You may contact Leigh Lyall (W.H.S. Counselor) with any preliminary questions you have regarding the process.  Her contact information is and/or 828-264-2407 (x 10248).

     Where do I find out more about what classes would be best for my child?

    The Online Course Catalog lists all of the courses offered at Watauga High School.  Within each box, you will find the courses for a particular subject area (i.e., English, Math, etc.).  When you click on anything in blue that is underlined, it will take you to the course descriptions (including eligible grade levels and prerequisites). You can find the catalog here:

    What classes does my child have to take at W.H.S.?

    Your child can take any classes he or she chooses to take as long as any prerequisites (which are listed in the course descriptions) have been met and as long as there is availability. You will discuss your interests and needs with the school counselor, and the principal will determine final approval for the courses requested.

     What documentation is needed to enroll my child at W.H.S. if they are also going to continue being home-schooled?  

    In addition to the required forms (that you will need to get from Mary Poteat in Student Services), you will need to provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate, his/her immunization records, and two proofs of residency that you live in Watauga County (i.e., driver’s license, a bill, etc.).   

    When in the school year can my child start taking classes at W.H.S.?

    Your child may start at the beginning of the fall semester (August) or at the beginning of the spring semester (January).   

    How many classes does my child have to take at W.H.S. each semester?  

    Your child has to take at least two classes in a semester. One of the classes must be a seated class on the campus of Watauga High School, and the other one can be through Caldwell Community College (if your child is a Junior or Senior) or through North Carolina Virtual Public School (if there is funding in the NCVPS budget).  

    What periods of the day does my child have to come?

    The schedule can be flexible as long as it correlates with when the courses are available that your child plans to take.

    I want my home-schooled child to be able to play a sport at W.H.S.  What do they need to do in order to play a sport?

    Please see this page for more information.

    Does my child have to take any standardized tests if they take just a few classes at W.H.S.?

    Yes, your child will be expected to take any standardized tests (Pre-ACT, ACT, NCFE’s, EOC’s) that are required of any student in the same course or grade level.

    How many days can my child miss and still receive credit?

    In order to obtain credit in a class, a student may not have more than eight absences (excused or unexcused ~ for any reason) in that course.  If a student is absent from a class more than 8 days, there is the potential the student will receive a grade of FF (Failure Due to Attendance) and has a right to appeal to the Watauga High School Attendance Committee.  At Watauga High School, three tardies or early dismissals from a class will constitute an absence, which will count as one of the eight allowed absences for that course.

    Do grades from home-school classes transfer?  Do I need to provide a transcript?

    It really depends on if the student plans to be a graduate of their home-school or of Watauga High School.  If they graduate from their home school, we do not need a transcript of those classes because there would not be a need for them to transfer to us.  If the student is going to graduate from W.H.S., the home-school classes will be evaluated for transfer credit.  However, in order for that to happen, we need a transcript and evidence of work done (assignments and assessments).  In addition, the student must take a released version of the End-of-Course exam or North Carolina Final Exam (NCFE) for each academic course to show if they have mastered a certain percentage of the content.  For credits earned through home school, students are given a "P" (pass) on their transcripts.

    Since the graduation requirements for W.H.S. are higher than the North Carolina graduation requirements, it is important that you plan ahead on if your child is going to be a Watauga High School graduate.

    Can my child participate in clubs?

    Students must be enrolled in at least 2 block courses in a semester in order to participate in a club.