• 2018-2019 8th Graders Leave Mark

    The tradition continues. For over 20 years, 8th graders at Blowing Rock School leave their mark on our school with handprints. 


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  • 18-19 Student Cleans Butterfly Garden

    For her HOSA project, Sacha wanted to “plant some flowers”. Yesterday with the help of Ms. Lovins' and her daughters they cleaned up the butterfly garden and planted some flowers.

    Sacha Butterfly Garden

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  • 2 B.R. Students Start Business

    Hailey Gocke and Laurel Kiker, two Blowing Rock School students, received funding for their new businesses. Hailey's Rose’s Art Boxes will go to hospitals and nursing home patients and Laurel's Iced Up will focus on baking cupcakes and other baked products.  Entrepreneurship class sponsored by the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce and Zak Ammar through a community partnership with Blowing Rock School.
    Each student spent their 8th-grade year at Blowing Rock School learning aspects of building and beginning a business with several of their classmates.  Students planned and developed a business plan and ultimately had to pitch their plan in front of a panel of current and previous business owners for an opportunity to receive funding to begin their venture. Both Hailey and Laurel were awarded their start-up business' funding following the pitch. Congratulations! 
    As stated earlier, Laurel will sell baked goods, mainly cupcakes to start, with the focus on her wonderful icing. She spent the entire school year experimenting at home with her icing, to the benefit and sometimes not, of her family's tastebuds.  Hailey is going to begin building art boxes to distribute to hospital patients and hopefully develop it further as a non-profit. 
    A special thanks to Zak Anmar for teaching the class with Rob Smith, and to Zak for finding funds to help these students. App State's Erik Schlenker for volunteering in class to help students. Blowing Rock's Chamber of Commerce's Tim Hilton, Jim McDowell, and Charles Hardin for guidance. Additionally, to Precision Printing for donating business carts for all students involved. 
    18-19 Business
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  • 18-19 Third Grade Landforms



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  • Battle of the Books 18-19

    Congrats to Blowing Rock 2018-2019 Elementary Battle of the Books for finishing 1st place! 


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  • 18-19 2nd Grade Living Museum 


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  • 2018-2019 Look-Alikes


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  • Math Counts 18-19

    These six students attended the competition:
    Emmit Coffey
    Griffin Dillman
    Hailey Gocke
    Andrew Jones
    Ollie Rupp
    Sadie Sharpe
    Sadie Sharpe finished in 4th place in the individual competition.
    A team of four (Hailey, Andrew, Ollie, Sadie)  finished in 2nd place in the team round competition.  This qualifies them to go to the state competition at the school of math and science on March 15th.
     Math Counts 18-19
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  • Ellis Island 2018-2019


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  • 18-19 5th Grade Bios


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  • 2018-2019 Regional Science Fair Results

    Blowing Rock definitely took our fair share of the awards this year.  We've got several projects advancing to the state competition, and I couldn't be more proud of all the kids who competed today. 

    In the science fair, the following students won awards:
    Willa Rupp: honorable mention in Chemistry 
    Charlie Langley: 3rd place in Engineering 
    Zoey Zagst:  1st place in Physics 
    Brodie Sukow and Mace Hollars:  3rd in Technology
    In North Carolina Student Academy of Sciences (presentation based competition to a panel of judges), the following students won awards in their categories:
    1st:  Zoey Zagst and Sydney Marsh 
    2nd: Brodie Sukow and Mace Hollars
    Honorable mention: Oliver Farris and Jake Crosswell
    The state competition will be in March at NCSU and the NC School of Science and Math. Any student placing at regional competition automatically goes on to state competition. Honorable mention serves as an alternate. 
    Congrats to everyone! It's a lot of extra work to prepare for competition and it really showed today! 
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  • 2018-2019 BR Science Fair Results

    Congratulations to all students who participated!  Here are the results for this year, including students who will participate in Student Academy of Sciences and those who will go on to regional science fair.

    1st:  Natalie Fitch
    2nd:  Owen Tincher
    3rd:  Alixas Clark
    1st:  Elsie Davis and Grace Tachney
    2nd:  Kate Sears
    3rd:  Willa Rupp
    Earth/Environmental Science
    1st:  Chloe Hemsoth
    2nd: Jayden Stirton
    1st:  Sydney Marsh
    2nd:  Charlie Langley
    1st:  Brodie Sukow and Mace Hollars
    1st:  Kody Auton
    2nd:  Zoey Zagst
    3rd:  Hannah Arrowood and Abby Barr
    North Carolina Student Academy of Sciences (a thesis type presentation to a panel of judges)
    Biology:  Owen Tincher
    Chemistry:  Elsie Davis and Grace Tachney
    Earth Science:  Chloe Hemsoth
    Engineering:  Sydney Marsh
    Technology:  Brodie Sukow and Mace Hollars
    Physics:  Jake Crosswell and Oliver Farris


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  • Veteran's Day Play Thank You

    "The first grade at Blowing Rock School would like to give a big thank you to local community member Julie Anderson for all of her hard work in making our Veterans Day play a success. She spent countless afternoons teaching our first graders lyrics and hand motions to patriotic songs. Each first grader had his or her own speaking part to memorize, as well. Also, thank you to the veterans that were able to view the performance. We appreciate your bravery and sacrifice to our country."
    First-grade team
    18-19 Veteran's Day Play
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  • Congrats to the 18-19 Handwriting Contest Winners

    1819 Contest Winners

    The winners are:
    Sacha Frindethie 
    Brianna Anderson
    Boaz Henderson
    Natlie Fitch
    Katie Durham
    Sidney Ricker
    Sidney Marsh
    Willa Rupp


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  • 2018 Spelling Bee Results

    Louis Winger
    Sophie Parker
    Darla Bachman
    Lucas Hamilton
    Katie Coombes (alternate) winner
    Maggie Cheves
    Doriannah Whitehead (runner-up)
    Lucy Bachman
    Ava Cutlip
    Griffin Dillman.
    And the Blowing Rock School Spelling Bee winner, who will go on to the County-Wide Bee, is:
    Katie Coombes from Mrs. McFalls' 6th-grade homeroom and our runner-up is...
    Doriannah Whitehead, from Mrs. Tincher's 7th-grade homeroom!
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  • Blowing Rock Students Excel at State Science Fair 17-18

    We had a great weekend of celebrating student research at the state science competitions on Friday and Saturday!  Blowing Rock did exceptionally well and I couldn't be more proud of the research and work that students did to prepare for these competitions; well above and beyond what was required of them for the school fair.
    Friday's competition was for the North Carolina Student Academy of Sciences at the North Carolina School of Science and Math.  This competition is a thesis-like defense, in which students have 10 minutes to present their research via Google Slides, and then five minutes of Q and A with the judges.  The results of this competition were:
    Biotechnology:  1st Sam Nixon for his project Sunscreens:  Lotions vs. Spray
    Mathematics:  1st  Hayleigh Nunes and Iris Westerman for their project What is the Potential of Solar Panels on Blowing Rock School's Roof
                           2nd  Micah Duvall  Does the pH Level of Drinking Water Affect the Growth of a Radish Plant
    Physics:  1st  Thomas Lehman  for his project Heat Treating Carbon, Tool, and Stainless Steel by Oil Quench and Air Cool to Increase Hardness
    For Saturday's competition at the North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair, we had several students compete.  These included:  Sam Nixon, Hayleigh Nunes and Iris Westerman, Thomas Lehman, Grant Troyer and Collin Anderson.  In this competition, Grant Troyer and Collin Anderson won Honorable Mention for their project  How Many Grams of Salt Does it Take for Water Not to Freeze in Freezing Temperatures?
    This means that every student we sent to state competition won an award at the state level!  
    Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement! Please congratulate these students.
    State Science Fair
    State Sci Fair State Sci Fair State Sci Fair State Sci Fair State Sci Fair
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  • Blowing Rock Club Wins 3D Print Competition

    Blowing Rock Wins the 3rd Annual Direct Digital Manufacturing Competition sponsored by N.C.C.E.T. in Hickory, NC. 


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  • 2nd Grade 17-18 Wax Museum 


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  • Science Fair 17-18 Results

    The judges were really impressed with the quality of the projects this year and the work the kids put into them.  Students awarded 1st or 2nd will go on to regional science competition in December at ASU.  Students nominated for North Carolina Student Academy of Sciences will also go to regionals and will present their research in a paper and presentation format to a panel of judges with time for questions at the end, much like a thesis defense.
    Please congratulate these students when you see them!  They have worked so hard!
    Students nominated for NCSAS competition:
    McKinley Robbins and Genevieve Powell:  Chemistry of Gluten-Free Flours
    Thomas Lehman:  Physics of Steel Forging and Cooling Processes
    Micah Duvall:  Bottled Water for Plants:  Which pH causes more growth?
    Abbey Noble:  How simulated acid rain affects plant growth and number of leaves
    Sam Nixon:  How different brands of sunscreen affect UV sensitive yeast
    Iris Westerman and Hayleigh Nunes:  Potential of Solar Energy Output for Hypothetical Solar Panels on Blowing Rock School Roof
    Grant Troyer and Collin Anderson:  How salinity affects the freezing point of water
    Student Awards for Science Fair:
    Biology A
    1st  Sam Nixon
    2nd  Abbey Noble
    3rd  Bella Hoyle
    Biology B
    2nd  Adam Perez and Jose Miguel Mejia Izaguirre
    1st  Iris Westerman and Hayleigh Nunes
    2nd  Thomas Lehman
    1st  Micah Duvall
    1st  Collin Anderson and Grant Troyer
    2nd  Doriannah Whitehead and Cloey Hadley
    3rd  Addie Thompson
    Applied Technology
    1st Katie Durham
    2nd  Kayla Graham
    3rd  Lillee Moore
    Environmental and Earth Science
    1st  Charlie Burgess (and Sam Cooke at Parkway)
    2nd  Wyatt Kohout and Ayden Knight
    3rd  Andrew Hill
    Sci Far Pic 1 Sci Fair Pic 2 Sci Fair Pic 3 Sci Fair Pic 4 Sci Fair Pic 5 Sci Fair Pic 6 Sci fair pic 8 Sci Fair Pic 9 Sci Fair Pic 7
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  • 6th Grade Service Project 17-18

    6th Grade took their biannual trip to Casting Bread to volunteer. Students did work on the grounds, helped stock, produced uplifting cards, and generally helped staff there. 

     Students Helping 1 Students Helping 2 Students Helping 3 Students Helping 4 Students Helping 5 Students Helping 6 Students Helping 7 Students Helping 8 Students Helping 9 Students Helping 10 Students Helping Group Picture


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  • Congrats Christian Hamilton 2017 BR Spelling Bee Champ

    2017 SB

  • 7th and 1st Grade

    7th and 1st Grade students work together to make flags to celebrate and learn about Constitution Day. 

    Constitution Day

  • Art for a Cause

    Project Hope is heading up donations heading to victims of Hurricane Harvey.  A tractor-trailer truck is being filled with various donations from local residents.  The truck is first going to Lake Charles, LA then to areas in Texas that need it the most.  Students from Blowing Rock (7th and 8th-grade science classes) are creating art to decorate the truck heading that way!  The students are creating pieces of art to inspire and encourage those devastated by this tragedy!

  •  Science Fair

    Please congratulate Ava, Emily, and Brianna!  They all did a wonderful job with their presentations on Friday, and the competition was stiff!   Ava and Emily won 2nd in the chemistry competition for middle grades students.

    I'm hoping these ladies, and others will choose to participate in NCSAS again next year!  It's a wonderful competition and a great way for them to explore something they're curious about.
    Sci Fair State 2017

    Shooting Stars


    The following students made it into Shooting Stars 2017. Please congratulate them on this success.
    The Carolina Snowbells-  dance- Ava Cutlip 6th
    What More Do I Need- vocal- Elise Bednar 8th
    Canon- piano- Wesley Markovich 3rd
    A Million Years Ago-vocal- Katie Thompson 8th
    Pirates are Coming- violin-Henryk Kosmala 7th
    Can't Stop This Feeling- clogging- William Greene 3rd

     2017 Talent Show

  • Kinder Service Project 

    Kindergarten's service project was collecting hats, gloves, and mittens to donate to the hospitality house. We read the book "The Mitten Tree" and created our own "mitten tree" in the classroom. As children brought in their donations, they hung them on our classroom tree.  We hope these items will fill a need in our community.

     Kinder Service Project

  • 3-D Print Club Visit Local Business and App State's Solar Car 

    Blowing Rock's 3-D Middle Grades print club recently visited the Boone based business E.C.R.S. and also visited App State's Solar Car. Images below. 

    ECRS                       Solar Car

    The BR 3-D program was made possible by the Economic Development Committee of the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce.  We are working in several ways to provide supplemental educational experiences that will promote learning in science, technology, and math, and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit. 

  • Jr. Beta Caroling and Cards

    The Jr. Beta Club enjoyed making cards and delivering them along with caroling at the Blowing Rock Rehab and Davant Extended Care Center.

  • 2016 Science Fair

    The following Blowing Rock students, listed in alphabetical order, participated in the regional science competition held at Appalachian State University yesterday:

    Andrew G.
    Andrew J.
    Ava C.
    Brianna A.
    Emily G.
    Emmit C.
    Griffin D.
    Hailey G.
    Laurel K.
    Lula B.
    Nick C.
    Ollie R.
    Riley C.
    Sophie S.

    Congratulations to all who worked so hard and did such a good job sharing their projects! They all worked really hard and represented BRS and Watauga County well.

    Special congratulations to Ava C, Brianna A., and Emily G. for placing 2nd in their categories in the North Carolina Student Academy of Sciences competition. These ladies will have the opportunity to compete at the state level on March 24th at the North Carolina School of Science and Math.

  • 1st Graders Carol at Retirement Home

    First grade traveled to Davant Extended Day Center Friday to sing Christmas carols and hand out homemade ornaments to the residents. A jolly time was had by all!


  • 6th Grade Food Drive

    6th grade has been collecting canned goods and raising money for Casting Bread food pantry and soup kitchen. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, students took almost 200 pounds of food and  $240 to Casting Bread to help assist clients. Students volunteered that morning with various tasks. Some students decorated placemats for the soup kitchen, some helped rake and clean up the lawn, and others prepared goodie bags for children who visit the pantry. A few students helped prepare the Thanksgiving feast to be served later that day.

    Casting Bread serves over 900 clients in the Blowing Rock area each month. They were incredibly grateful for the food, funds, and volunteer hours the 6th grade provided. The sixth grade plans to continue the service project into the spring semester.

  • Students deliver candy to Blowing Rock Fire Department 

    In October, a few Blowing Rock students traveled to the Blowing Rock Fire Department to deliver candy. While there, students were given a tour of the station and a chance to try on gear! We are very appreciative for all the Fire Department does for our school!

Faculty vs. Students 2016