Hardin Park PTO

  • The PTO calendar looks much different this year. At this point in time, there are no plans for our biggest fundraisers and community events due to Covid-19. This makes supporting our smaller events more critical than ever. 

    Schedule of Events for 2020-2021

    Friday, August 14th: Back to School Breakfast 
    Wednesday, December 9th: Holiday Luncheon
    May 3rd-7th: Teacher Appreciation Week 
    Monthly Events
    PTO is working on scheduling Spirit Nights for restaurants that do takeout or fast food for the 1st week in each month.
    This is currently the primary way to fundraise, so please help spread the word once they have these scheduled
    Duty Free Lunch will be the 2nd Wednesday of each month (if/whenever students return to school full time).
    PTO Board Meetings are the 3rd Monday of each month at 3:00.
    They are being held virtually for the time being, so if you're interested in attending or bringing something to the board, please let your grade area representative know. 


  • PTO Officers

    Co-Presidents: Jodi Stines and Brooke Hollar

    Vice President: Nicholas Jordan

    Secretary: Stacie Healy

    Treasurer: Sorina McIntuff 

    Grade Level Representatives:

    K-2: Maria Nash

    3-5: Macy Critcher

    6-8: Scotty Greer

    Email us at hardinparkschool@gmail.com and follow us on Facebook at Hardin Park PTO.