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Watauga Parents for Prevention

2019-2020 Meeting Schedule


Watauga Parents for Prevention

Watauga Partners for Prevention is a vocal and visible association of parents and community members who seek to prevent underage substance use.

Parent Resources

Above the Influence

Our goal is to help teens stand up to negative pressures, or influences. The more aware you are of the influences around you, the better prepared you will be to face them, including the pressure to use drugs and alcohol.

Adults who allow underage drinking can be charged in NC

Mixing adults, minors and alcohol at private parties is a dangerous cocktail in North Carolina.

Make a Difference, Talk to Your Child About Alcohol

This guide is geared to parents and guardians of young people ages 10 to 14. Keep in mind that the suggestions on the following pages are just that—suggestions. Trust your instincts...

Most Parents Know When Teens Host Drinking Parties

NPR: How To Stop Teen Drinking Parties

When it comes to teenage drinking, the typical venue is a party — where some teens play drinking games and binge. It may surprise you to learn that the majority of parents are aware that alcohol is flowing at these events...

Parent Toolkit

Tips for raising drug-free kids.

Parents Who Host

A public awareness program educating communities and parents about the health and safety risks of serving alcohol at teen parties

Power of Parents

An assortment of tools to help parents have meaningful interactions with their children about alcohol - online quiz, online workshops, guides, and handbooks. 

Talk It Out NC

Start the conversation. Stop underage drinking.

Talk, They Hear You

Why 21?

Why is the legal age for alcohol consumption 21? 

Includes history of laws, common myths, and teen brain research.

Why Delay?

The longer your adolescent delays alcohol use, the less likely they are to develop problems associated with alcohol. You should therefore aim to keep your adolescent child from experimenting with alcohol for as long as possible. 

Teen Brain Development

Watauga Partners & Parents for Prevention

2019-2020 Meeting Schedule

Candis Walker, Prevention Specialist

Phone: 828-264-2407, x10270


Degrees and Certifications:

Prevention Specialist Professional School Counselor