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Procare Online Payment System


         Our Online Parent Portal allows you to access your student’s account, be notified when fees are due, update contact information, add or remove names of individuals authorized to pick up your child, and make payments online from anywhere using your debit or credit card (there is 2.75% online processing fee for online payments). You can also set up automatic recurring payments so you never receive a late payment fee again. 

Creating a Procare account is a requirement of enrollment in the after school program. So you must provide an up-to-date email address when registering your child.

Once your child's registration is accepted for enrollment into the after school program, you will receive an emailed invitation to create your Procare account. Until you accept this invitation and create your account, you will not be able to view your child's details. Below is a list of steps you will need to follow once you receive the emailed invitation to create your Procare account:

  1. To begin, enter your primary email address (this is the email address you will use when registering your child for the after school program) and click the Secure Login button.
  2. You will then be prompted to check your email for a confirmation number, which you will enter in the indicated box. 
  3. Choose a password and enter where indicated. 
  4. Confirm your password where indicated. 
  5. Click Submit. 


MyProcare has an Awesome Mobile App available! 


With the free Procare Mobile App, you are able to receive photos, videos, messages from your child’s program coordinator, and other updates about your child’s activities in the after school program. You will be able to keep track of when your child is signed into the program and signed out and by whom. 

You are also able to make payments online with your debit or credit card (there is a 2.75% online processing fee to pay online), set up recurring payments, see your monthly statement, and access your child care tax statement.

With the Mobile App you are able to sign your child in and out of the program as needed using Procare’s contactless QR Code. 


Never receive a Late Payment Fee again! 

  1. Go to and log in. 
  2. Once you’ve logged in:
    1. Choose the Pay button.
    2. Fill in the credit/debit card information and the amount to be paid.
    3. Choose whether you want to save the card for future payments. (When you make your next payment, you’ll enter your CVV number only—the rest of the card information will be saved.)     



                     d. Select Pay Now. 

Credit and Debit Cards Accepted

You may contact Tonya Combs or call 828-264-7190 with any questions.