• 2020-21 Reopening Options

    State education and health officials are considering several options for reopening schools in August. The plans are more or less restrictive based on COVID-19 metrics. They are broadly divided into three categories:

    Plan A would reopen schools with minimal social distancing and would be implemented if COVID-19 metrics continue to stabilize or move in a positive direction. This plan involves a brief screening and temperature check of students and adults each day as well as vigilant monitoring of students for illness and COVID symptoms. 

    Plan B would require moderate social distancing and 50 percent student capacity in school buildings. This plan would require us to find a way to modify our schedule so that no more than half our students are in the school building at any given time. We would need to implement split days, or one week on, one week off schedules for students that would have some in the classrooms, while others participate in remote learning from home.

    Plan C is the most restrictive. It would close in-person learning entirely and implement remote learning. 

    As we continue to plan, we would very much appreciate your feedback on what options would work best for you and your family by taking the reopening parent survey below.

    The survey has now ended. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback!