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6301 Classified Staff Bus Driving Requirements

        6301-C Physician Certification of Disability to Serve as a Bus Driver (form)

7100 Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

7110 Information Provided by Applicant

7120 Employee Health Certificate

7430 Substitute Teachers

7505 Compliance with SBE Employment Policies

Employment Status       

7130 Licensure

7130-R Licensure (procedures)

7410 Teacher Contracts

7425 School Administrator Contracts

7440 Assignments, Reassignments, and Transfers

7635 Return to Work

7900 Resignation

7910 Retirement

7920 Reduction in Force: Teachers and School Administrators

7921 Classified Personnel Reduction

7930 Professional Employees Demotion and Dismissal

7940 Classified Personnel Suspension and Dismissal

7950 Non-Career Status Teachers: Nonrenewal

General Policies        

7400 Job Descriptions

7405 Extracurricular and Non-Instructional Duties

7500 Workday and Overtime

7510 Leave

7520 Family and Medical Leave

7530 Military Leave

7540 Voluntary Shared Leave

7541 Sick Leave Bank

7550 Absences Due to Inclement Weather

7560 Permitted Salary Deductions for Absences and Discipline of Certain Exempt Employees

7620 Payroll Deductions

7650 Employee Travel and Expense Reimbursements

7720 Employee Political Activities

7800 Professional and Staff Development

     7800--R Continuing Education Units Protocol

7805 Superintendent Evaluation

7810 Evaluation of Licensed Employees

7811 Plans for Growth and Improvement of Licensed Employees

7815 Evaluation of Non-Licensed Employees


7820 Personnel Files

7821 Petition for Removal of Personnel Records

4705/7825 Confidentiality of Personally Identifying Information

4705/7825-R Confidentiality of Personally Identifying Information (procedures)

Rights and Responsibilities           

7210 Staff Involvement in Decision-Making

7220 Grievance Procedure for Employees

4020/7230 Discrimination and Harassment Prohibited by Federal Law

1730/4022/7231 Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disabilities

7232 Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace

1720/4030/7235 Title IX Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex

1725/4035/7236 Title IX Sexual Harassment- Prohibited Conduct and Reporting

1726/4036/7237 Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Process

4202/5029/7272 Service Animals in Schools

7280 Prohibition Against Retaliation

7300 Staff Responsibilities

7305 Professional Standards of Conduct for Teachers

7307 Duty to Report a Criminal Offense

4040/7310 Staff-Student Relations

4329/7311 Bullying and Harassing Behavior Prohibited

4240/7312 Child Abuse and Related Threats to Child Safety

1325/7315 Confidential Information

4250/5075/7316 Address Confidentiality Program

3225/4312/7320 Technology Responsible Use

3227/7322 Web Page Development

3230/7330 Copyright Compliance

7335 Employee Use of Social Media

7335-R Approval of Professional Use of Social Media

7340 Employee Dress and Appearance

4334/5036/7345 Use of Unmanned Aircraft (Drones)

7360/ 8225 Crowdfunding on Behalf of the School System

5035 Political Activities on School Property

5070/7350 Public Records Retention Release and Disposition

5071/7351 Electronically Stored Information Retention

7610 Defense of Board Employees

7710 Membership in Professional Organizations

7720 Employee Political Activities

7730 Employee Conflict of Interest

Safety and Health

4023/ 7233 Pregnant and Parenting Students and Employees

7240 Drug Free and Alcohol Free Workplace

7241 Drug and Alcohol Testing of Commercial Vehicle Operators

5026/7250 Smoking and Tobacco Products

7260 Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

7262 Communicable Diseases

7265 Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Science Laboratories

5024/6127/7266 Emergency Epi-Auto-Injector Devices

5028/6130/7267 Automated External Defibrillator

4200/7270 School Safety

4200/7270-R Responding to Bomb Threats

4201/7271 Injury and Loss Prevention

5027/7275 Weapons and Explosives Prohibited