Registration Form 
    This form is for reference and planning only, you will not need to complete this form for submission.  We will use the form already here containing teacher recommendations.

    Understanding Teacher Recommendations
    Each of the academic teachers for the student will make a level recommendation in the corresponding course area for high school.  This is the teacher's best estimate of the appropriate level for the student based on a knowledge of the student, work habits and academic performance over the first semester.  You can choose to override this recommendation, but please do so thoughtfully.  You will also be asked to complete an override form if this is the case.  The form states that the override will be honored, but the student will not be allowed to change placement once school has begun.  If you have questions or concerns regarding a teacher recommendation, I encourage you to talk with the teacher

    The 2nd page of the registration document contains a list of all electives available to a Freshman student.  Many other courses will be available as a 10th through 12th grade student.  Please reference the Registration guide to learn about courses listed.

    Course formats
    Please pay careful attention to the course format when planning your electives.  You must choose a matched pair of A/B year long courses.  Also alternate courses must match the original course format.

    Semester Block-
    This format will be a 90 minute block of time every day for a period of one semester.

    Year Long Block- 
    This format will be a 90 minute block time but will continue for the entire year rather then for a single semester.

    A/B Year Long Block- 
    This format pairs 2 courses together.  The 1st course will occur one day then the next day the 2nd course will occur.  These 2 courses will run the entire year switching each day.

    Double Semester Block- 

    This class will be 3 hours rather than 90 minutes each day for the duration of 1 semester.

    Driver's Education

    Please see this link for more information on Drivers Education