• Our Behavior Support program is designed to address individual student and school needs while aligning our structure to help support our implementation of MTSS.  In the past, Behavior Support services were focused solely on the students who were identified using the Behavior Support PRC 29 rubric.  Revisions to our program now allow for our Behavior Support staff to work with all students who may need their services, regardless of whether they are on the identified under the rubric or whether the students are identified under the Exceptional Children Department or not.  Our Behavior Support Staff also provide professional development/training and support to general education and EC teachers.  Our Behavior Support Staff are assigned to specific schools and will be present in those schools at least once per week, except for Bill Adams, our High School Behavior Support Liaison who is based at Watauga High School five days per week.  

     Our Elementary and Middle School Behavior Support Liaisons' responsibilities at their school sites will be:

    * Working with students who are identified on the PRC 29 rubric and meeting the service requirements for those individual students

    * Working with any student who is exhibiting behavioral difficulties, regardless of whether those students are EC students 

    * Holding PEERS, MindUP or other student support groups

    * Provide professional development to school staff on a group or individual basis

    * Consulting with teachers on how to address specific student behavior issues

    * Serving as a Liaison between the school, the district and community agency representatives involved with specific students

    * Attending IEP meetings as needed to help with behavioral interventions, IEP goals, FBAs and BIPs

    * Attending A-Team, Student Services team meetings when needed to help problem-solve for individual students

    * Attending MTSS team meetings as requested to discuss behavior interventions and planning for MTSS implementation

    * Providing Autism Coaching support to teachers and students as needed

    * Handling any SOAR program referrals for the schools in which they are assigned.

    * Only attend SOAR CFT meetings in the afternoon for the students in the schools they serve

    * Behavior Support staff may assist in emergencies at a school but they are not to be utilized as one on one assistants, or all day support for a student in ISS or other form of removal.  This will limit their ability to meet the other components of their work listed above. 

     In addition, they will trade off on SOAR staffing meetings on very other Tuesday afternoon.

    Due to the nature of their work, the time(s) at their assigned schools may at times be impacted by emergencies and/or the need to attend IEP meetings at other schools.  When these situations arise, the Behavior Support Liaison will notify the impacted staff and the school Principal of their need to leave their assigned school to address an emergency or meeting need at another school.  Flexibility, understanding and communication amongst all parties are crucial elements that will make this change work for all those involved.  They are glad to provide whatever communication method (i.e., Google doc, email, text) works to keep you appraised of their work at your schools with students and staff as well as their calendar, necessary changes, etc. 

    If you have any questions, please contact me the Exceptional Children Department at your earliest convenience