• Class News and Information- Oct. 16-20, 2017

    Read-A-Thon: Our school had a great time with our Read-A-Thon!! Please remember to return to school the money that your child collected tomorrow!


    Book Fair: Tuesday, Oct. 24th- Friday, Oct. 27th

    This week we will have our first Book Fair of the year. We will preview the fair and assist your child in finding 5 books that they like. These books will be written for your child on a “wish list” and the list will be sent home in your child’s folder for you to see. If you would like for your child to purchase anything from their wish list, please send money in a ziplock bag in the folder labeled “book fair” and any directions we might need. We will return the change and receipt along with the book or item. You are also welcome to come enjoy the book fair with your child.


    Parent/Teacher Conference: We are enjoying meeting with all of you. We are happy to be sharing information about your child’s progress in the classroom (social, academic, personal growth).


    Good Citizens of the Week: Mischa (Hagaman) Gavin (Poplin) Eliza (Sparks)! (Last week our Good Citizens were- Weston, Georgia, and Lucy!)

    Each week, we choose a child to be our Good Citizen. This is a way for us to celebrate and encourage positive behavior. This is a very exciting week for your child in the classroom and one that they have worked hard to attain. The goal is for each child to enjoy this experience a few weeks each year.  In addition to extra recognition throughout the day, our Good Citizen will lead our line and calendar time.


    Lunch: (10:30-11:00)

    Thank you for allowing your child time to acclimate to school the first couple weeks. We welcome you to join your child for lunch! Please remember to sign in at the office upon your arrival. Also, we have found that it is less stressful on your child if you leave directly from the cafeteria following lunch rather than walking him/her back to the classroom. Our goal is to maximize the good time and minimize the anxiety that may follow. Your help with this is appreciated!





    This week, we will learn all about Dippy Duck and her story and songs. In addition, we are learning how to properly form the capital and lowercase shape of Dd.



    During our writing time, we will begin listening for our ending sounds as we continue to label our illustrations. In addition, during our reading groups, we are navigating and reading our mini-books. The series of skills we practice with this daily reading are: one to one correspondence, using picture clues, connecting picture clues to first sounds of words, and story sequencing and retelling.


    Math- Quarter 1: (We will work toward these main goals during the first quarter of the year)

    Counting and Cardinality

    ·                     One to one correspondence

    ·                     Count to 10 by ones

    ·                     Write numbers to 10, represent a number of objects to 5

    Measurement and Data

    ·                     Describe attributes of objects

    ·                     Directly compare two objects with a measurable attribute in common

    ·                     Classify objects by categories


    ·                     Describe objects using names of shapes

    ·                     2 dimensional shapes

    ·                     Model/draw two-dimensional shapes


    Social Studies/Science:

    As we wrap up learning about Fall (primarily in our reading/writing group time), we are also continuing our unit on bats! The children are loving our study of bats. We hope your child is coming home and sharing their newly learned information.

    In addition, this week is Fire Safety Week. We will enjoy a visit from the fire department on Friday. This is always a welcome visit for our students.


    Special Events- Week of October 16th-20th:

    Monday- Return Read-A-Thon money

    Tuesday- Book Fair

    Wednesday- Book Fair

    Thursday- Book Fair

    Friday- Visit from the Fire Department


    Upcoming Events:


    Kindergarten October Birthdays:

    Coming Soon!


    Arrival and Dismissal:

    Our school day is from 7:50- 2:30. Students may arrive in the classroom beginning at 7:40. The children are really getting into the swing in the morning. Remember, if you should choose to change your child’s mode of transportation home, please write a note in your child’s planner.



    Our school day is filled with a lot of learning, expectations, and structure. Our hope is that in the evening your child will be able to learn through exploration and building relationships. We believe that learning continues outside of the classroom. Please allow your child the time to explore in the backyard, play, draw, throw a ball, ride a bike, hike, swim, explore nature, do puzzles, play sports, help cook dinner, bake, play with Legos and blocks, pretend, spend time with friends and family engaging in conversation... among many other things. These types of activities will help to improve fine and large motor skills, foster creativity and a love for the arts, improve on spatial development and build language and social skills. In addition, it will assist in helping your child find a calm nature within, provide them with fun and adventure and allow them to be a child.


    For all of these reasons, homework will be light and short. The review work should take you no more than 5-10 minutes. Of course, reading with your child should happen every night as well, for at least 10 minutes.

    Our goals with homework are:

    1.             To assist parents in keeping involved with some of the skills being taught in the classroom.

    2.             To reinforce to the children that their parents are part of their teaching/academic team.

    3.             To provide additional review and support in the event that a child is struggling with a concept.


    Contacting Us:

    In kindergarten, we stay on the go all day, so the best way to contact us is by email. We check our email a couple times each day and always at the end of the day. You may also call the school office and leave a message for one of us. We will return your call as soon as we are available. If your child is sick, please place a note in your child’s folder when he/she returns to school. The school requires the absence note be handwritten and signed-not emailed. It is important for us to keep these notes for the attendance record file.


    Valle Crucis school phone number: 828-963-4712

    Our email addresses are:

    Ms. Hagaman- hagamank@wataugaschools.org

    Ms. Poplin- poplink@wataugaschools.org

    Mrs. Sparks- sparksa@wataugaschools.org