• Welcome to Music! 

    I believe music education is essential for every child and that the learning process is the most important part of each lesson. Every student coming through the music room will experience sing, say, dance, and play as a way to meet our learning goals.  

    Music Room Agreements and Logical Consequences

    K-5 musicians will demonstrate positive behavior through MUSIC:


    M - Make good choices

    U - Use kindness

    S - Silent hand to speak

    I - Involve yourself

    C - Choose to have fun!

    Logical Consequences for K-5: 

    1. Friendly reminder

    2. Loss of privilege

    3. Reflection

    4. Parent Contact

    5. Office Referral


    Grades 6-8 musicians will demonstrate positive behavior by becoming: 

    1. a kind, caring, positive ensemble member.

    2. a skillful listener.

    3. a musician who knows how to read and write music.          

    4. a sensitive and spirited performer.

    5. a musician who knows their own voice to experience quality music.


    Logical Consequences Grades 6-8: 

    1. Friendly reminder.

    2. 10 minutes community service

    3. 15 minutes community service

    4. Parent Contact

    5. Office Referral


    Grading Policy

    Students in Kindergarten, First and Second grade will earn the following:

    M - Consistently Meets Expectations

    S - Shows Growth Toward Expectations

    U - Not Meeting Expectations


    Students in grades 3-8 will earn the following:

    A - 90-100

    B - 80-89

    C - 70-79

    D - 60-69

    F - 59 and Below

    All students will start the nine weeks with the grade of 100. Points will be deducted from 100 points for the following:

    -10 points for Performance Unexcused Absence (middle school only)

    -5 points for Office Referral

    -3 points for Improper Material Use

    -3 points for Improper Behavior

    -3 points for Non-Participation

    -2 points for Gum