We’re so excited to have your child in the cast of this year’s musical production of ALL SHOOK UP!  A long standing tradition at Watauga High, the spring musical cast is one of the largest teams at WHS!  For the past 11 years, we’ve had more than 100 students in these productions - on stage, in the pit orchestra, or working backstage positions.  We enjoy including everyone in our shows - and that means YOU, parents! Whether you’re a first time spring musical parent or a show veteran, we’re so glad to be working with and for your family in this production.  We wanted to share the following information about the musical - read on to learn more about rehearsals, how you can buy tickets, or volunteer to help backstage, or how to buy a program ads! Welcome to the show!     ~ The Directing Team




    How often will my child be at rehearsal?   Our rehearsal schedule is specific, organized, and efficient.  We won’t call actors to a rehearsal where you aren’t needed. Unlike musicals in the past, we will learn some musical numbers, choreography & blocking during the Fall semester. Then full rehearsals in January and February.  We start to put it all together in March and have big required full-cast rehearsals the week before, and the week of the show. Everyone is required to attend rehearsals during the week before and, the week of the show.


    How do I know when my child is rehearsing?  [Where is the rehearsal calendar?]

    You can check the rehearsal schedule on the spring musical home page on our WHS homepage - we keep it regularly updated! Go to the Watauga High School home page, then click on  “Activities and Athletics” and then click on the “Spring Musical” tab! There, we will have calendars, schedules, and other information.


    Tell me about buying tickets to the show - where do I buy them?  Are the seats reserved?  Tickets to the spring musical are $10, reserved seating - you will pick your seats on the night/s you want to see the show! You can pay for these tickets with cash or checks made out to WHS SPRING MUSICAL.  We make special arrangements to sell show tickets to the families of the cast and crew BEFORE we sell to the general public!  Ticket to the spring musical will go on sale to CAST & CREW ONLY on dates TBA!

    Tickets go on sale to the general public at WHS the week before, during all lunches and are sold daily, and of course you can buy tickets then, too.  Tickets are also sold at the door WHILE THEY LAST! (Historically, we sell out!  In the past few years, we have often sold out all 3 shows before opening night - we urge you to get your tickets early!)  You can pay for these tickets with cash or checks made out to WHS SPRING MUSICAL.


    I can’t get to WHS on weekdays - when can I buy a ticket!

    Tickets will be sold  from 10 am until 6 pm in the lobby at WHS and during the “Empty Bowls” fundraiser event.  You can also email whsspringmusicalinfo@gmail.com for more information about ticket sales.  


    I’d like to help you spread the word about the show - do you have show posters?  Yes, we will have show posters for you to pick up (and plaster all over Boone!) at the first technical work day, Saturday March 16 and at all rehearsals that follow!  Help us spread the word about the awesome work this cast is doing!


    How about show tee shirts?  How much are they?

    Tee shirts for the musical are available for everyone!  They’re $10 a shirt and we’ll put a link to a google order form here on this page.  You can order specific sizes (Youth Large through Adult 3X). We will only order shirts that have been paid for - You can pay for these tee shirts with cash or checks made out to WHS SPRING MUSICAL and send in your payments with your child.  TEE SHIRT MONEY MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE YOUR SHIRTS CAN BE DELIVERED.


    I saw that last year’s program had SHOUT OUTS to cast members - how do I buy one for my child?  Or can I buy a program ad for my business?  Or help you sell ads to other businesses? Absolutely!  Please do! Here’s a copy of the flier that we made available to your child at rehearsal!