•  Below is information about our WCS Autism Problem Solving Team:

    1.  Who is on the AU Team?

    Our AU team for the 2020-21 school year is: 

    • Kate Younger (School Psychologist),
    • Brittany Gotherman (EC Teacher),
    • Tammy Whichard (EC Teacher),
    • Casey Coffey (Speech Language Pathologist),
    • Lisa Shaw (General Education Teacher),
    • Ashley Bosse (EC Teacher)
    • Ali Pace (EC Teacher)
    • Megan Kilby (SLP)
    • JB Byrne (EC Behavioral Liaison)
    • Mike Marcela (Exceptional Children's Director). 


    2. What trainings can the WCS AU Problem-Solving Team provide to WCS staff?

    We have provided and can provide monthly professional development open to all WCS staff members on the following topics:

    • The Incredible 5 Point Scale,
    • Using visual schedules and work systems,
    • Visual strategies in the classroom,
    • Utilizing the "size of the problem" strategy,
    • Zones of regulation,
    • Transition for students with Autism,
    • Emotional regulation strategies.


    3.  What activities have we done over the past few years?

    • We held a EC Parent Respite Night for students with ASD  and volunteers,.  Volunteers were WCS staff, peer helpers, and Appalachian State graduate students. 
    • We helped complete a study involving a nutritional survey for families with children on the spectrum in collaboration with Appalachian State University.
    • WCS AU Problem Solving Team members regularly attended HANd committee meetings;
    • We will hold EC Parent Nights with Autism-related topics.
    • We provide Instructional Coaching to support students with Autism in regular and special education classrooms
    • We provide supports and materials to general education teachers and therapists to help support students in their classroom/programs
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