•  Below is information about our WCS Autism Problem Solving Team:

    1.  Who is on the AU Team?

    Our AU team for the 2018-19 school year was: 

    • Kate Younger (School Psychologist),
    • Brittany Gotherman (EC Teacher),
    • Sonya Page (EC Teacher),
    • Jim Priest(EC Teacher),
    • Mary McVay (EC teacher at WHS)
    • Vicky Bryan (EC Teacher)
    • Jennifer Erath (Preschool EC Teacher),
    • Tammy Whichard (EC Teacher),
    • Casey Coffey (Speech Language Pathologist),
    • Lisa Shaw (General Education Teacher),
    • Amanda Huff, (EC Teacher at WHS),
    • Mike Marcela (Exceptional Children's Director). 


    2. What trainings and how many people attended AU training opportunities outside of the district during 2018-19 school year ?

    • 6 staff members attended the Converge Autism Summit in Greenville, SC
    • 4 staff members attended the Northwest Regional Autism Meetings throughout the year. (Fall and Spring),
    • 3 staff members attended the Assistive Technology Get SETT for Success training in Marion, NC
    • 3 staff members attended Autism Evaluation Training in Morganton, NC
    • 2 staff members attended TEACCH Transitioning through Adolescence through Adulthood training
    • 3 staff members attended the 2 day TEACCH Training in Hickory, NC
    • 1 staff member attended the 5 day TEACCH Training (Early childhood) in Chapel Hill, NC
    • 2 staff members attended CARS 2 Autism Screener Training in Chapel Hill, NC
    • 2 staff members attended Teaching Students with Autism for Middle and High School Educators


    3. What trainings did the WCS AU Problem-Solving Team provide to WCS staff during the 2018-19 school year?

    We provided monthly professional development open to all WCS staff members on the following topics:

    • The Incredible 5 Point Scale,
    • Using visual schedules and work systems,
    • Visual strategies in the classroom,
    • Utilizing the "size of the problem" strategy,
    • Zones of regulation,
    • Transition for students with Autism,
    • Emotional regulation strategies.


    4.  What additional activities did the WCS AU Problem-Solving Team Implement during the 2018-19 School year?

    • We held our first Respite Night for students with ASD  and 23 attendees and 34 volunteers,.  Volunteers were WCS staff, peer helpers, and Appalachian State graduate students.  We plan to hold two Respite Nights during the 2019-20 school year.
    • We helped complete a study involving a nutritional survey for families with children on the spectrum in collaboration with Appalachian State University.
    • We served on a Task force meeting with Appalachian State University to collaborate support for families with children with ASD
    • WCS AU Problem Solving Team members regularly attended HANd committee meetings;
    • We held two EC Parent Night  and presented on the Incredible 5 point scale and using IEP notebooks)
    • We held 2 Parent Support Nights for preschool and school-age families  with a total of 23 attendees
    • We provided Instructional manuals on Guided classroom observations to our WCS District AU Lending Library 
    • We provided Instructional Coaching to support students with Autism in regular and special education classrooms
    • We provided supports and materials to general education teachers and therapists to help support students in their classroom/programs
    • We presented an adapted version of The Incredible 5-Point Scale to regular education middle school students at Hardin Park to promote social emotional learning and use of emotional regulation strategies.
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