• Homework

    This year I am trying to limit the amount of homework your child receives. The most important thing is for your child to be READING! Students will only be asked to write down THE TITLE of what they read each night in their planner. Parents should initial the planner each night.  Please be active in your child’s reading homework. Discuss what he/she is reading. Listen to your child read, read to your child, etc. Reading homework may change slightly during the year but I will send details if/when that happens. Students will receive a dojo point each day they read if their planner has the title of the book they read.

    There will be very short math homework most nights that will help students strengthen the concepts we learned in class. This is OPTIONAL and will not affect your child’s grade. However it will benefit your student for you to know what we are doing in class and to practice what we are learning. It will not be graded but if students have trouble – they should bring it to me the next day so that we can work through it together.

    A vocabulary/spelling list will go home weekly that your child can study at home if they choose. We will be doing work with these words each day in class and there will not be homework specific to vocabulary/spelling.


    Friday Folders

    Each Friday your child will bring home a folder containing graded papers from the previous week. Please look over this work, sign the log, and feel free to contact me with any questions.  Any papers that students want to correct can be corrected for half credit back (except tests).  Any other papers can remain at home. For reference, the grading scale is located inside your child’s planner.


    Lunch, Snack, Special foods

    Our lunchtime is 12:10-12:35. Your child may pack a lunch or purchase lunch from the cafeteria. You are always welcome to join us for lunch. Students are allowed to bring a snack for the school day. We will have a quick snack time at 9:45 each day. Nutritious, healthy snacks are encouraged. Please do not send sugary snacks, candy, or extremely messy snacks. Your child may also bring a water bottle with a secure lid to be used in class. It will be available to your child anytime it is needed.  If you would like to bring a food item to share with our class for a special occasion or party, it must be store purchased.


    Maternity Leave:

    Baby Tucker is due around November 9th.  I will be out approximately 12 weeks (through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays). As soon as I have finalized who will be doing my interim and the exact dates – I will let you know! I will be working closely with this person and will work hard to make sure that this is an easy transition for your students!