• Welcome to 4th Grade

    Welcome to Mrs. H. Combs' Class

    In our class we are a community; learning from each other. I ask that you try your best and if you're trying, I know you'll reach your goal. You will understand concepts at different paces, but your effort will lead to knowledge!

    I teach using a variety of methods. Students will work individually, in groups, pairs, as a class and with me. I believe children can learn a lot from each other so use collaboration many times. Lessons usually begin as a whole class and then students divide up and work in stations. During that time I meet with students individually and in small groups for lessons.

    Learning should be fun and children should want to come to school and enjoy being here. Students will be challenged, but they will learn from those challenges, gain independence, and become creative thinkers. I hope your children get the most out of their fourth grade year and I look forward to a spectacular year. 



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