Parent Registration and Information

  • After School (ELC) Registration

    Complete registration is required before a child may attend the After School Program. For parents to complete registration the following must occur: 

    1. Complete a registration form (online)
    2. Meet with the Program Coordinator for policies to be explained verbally.
    3. Sign statement of receipt of the parent policy information handbook. 
    4. Pay the first month in advance of service. 
    5. Pay all unpaid balances (from prior years) for ELC and Holiday/Snow Day/Work Day Programs.
    6. Children must be legally enrolled in a Watauga County elementary school during the current school year. 


    Once you have completed and submitted your child's After School Registration Form, you must meet with the Program Coordinator to complete the registration process before your child may attend the After School Program. Please note that these are NOT walk-in meetings--you will need set up a meeting with the Program Coordinator. 

    You will need the following for the Parent/Registration Meeting: 

    1. 30-45 minutes for the meeting with your program coordinator. Please be considerate, on time, and attentive. Parents arriving late will be scheduled for the next class. 
    2. Names and phone numbers of emergency contacts. 
    3. Names and phone numbers of everyone that you authorize to pick up your child.
    4. Name and phone number of your private insurance policy or Medicaid, if applicable. 
    5. Name and phone numbers of your child's doctor, preferred hospital, and dentist.