• The Treasurer's office at WHS is a busy place. Please come in any time you need help for any financial matters for your work here at the high school. This office is a customer-oriented work center to help you in any way it can! 

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    This is a partial list of services the Treasurer's office provides:
    Receipts/Money to Deposit - You can bring your receipted monies to my office to be deposited into your school activity account. Please do not keep any monies in your room. Money you receive should be turned into the Treasurer's office daily, generally before 3:30 PM so it can be processed and deposited in the bank.   

    Checks - You may fill out check requests to pay for supplies, materials, etc. out of your school activity account. Please allow a minimum of 2 days to have your checks available since we do not process check requests every day.

    Account balances - There are some 200 school activity accounts maintained by the Treasurer's office. You only need to e-mail me to get your remaining balances of your school activity account(s) as well as your departmental or student "fees" accounts. I will promptly provide you with your balances and/or reconciliation reports.

    Purchase Orders and direct bill payments - I place purchase orders for you via the North Carolina E-procurement system or make direct payments from activity accounts or state and county funds for your purchases. 

    Postage - We have a postage machine for "company mail." Just place your school-related outgoing mail needing postage in the box next to the machine and we'll take care of the rest.

    Payroll & TimeKeeper recordkeeping - One of the most important functions of this office is to do the monthly payroll. Any paperwork which applies to a particular payroll cycle is turned in during that payroll cycle. Turning in Absence Leave Requests, Snow Day and other passes after the fact causes undue extra labor all up and down the process both here and the Central Office. A list of payroll cut off dates is posted on my office door. Paychecks are generally available to you the last work day of each month.

    Tom Kip, WHS Treasurer

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