• Frequently Asked Questions
    2016-17 LAPTOP PROGRAM

    New for the 2016-17 school year:
    • What type of laptops will students receive?
      • Students will receive the HP EliteBook 820 with 4Gb of RAM and 128 Gb solid state drive.
    • How do students get a laptop?
      • Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, returning students to WHS will be able to come in August 4th, 11th or 15th (8:30-3:30) and complete their required paperwork and pay their school fees.  Once these two requirements have been met, the student will be eligible to receive their laptop during advisory class when school begins.  
      • New students (as well as rising freshmen) and their parents or guardians,  will be required to attend orientation on the care and use of the laptop before the laptop is issued.  Each student and the student's parent/guardian must sign and submit the WCS RUP and the Student/Parent Mobile Computing Device Agreement during the orientation process.  Again, once these requirements have been met, the student will be eligible to receive their laptop during advisory class when school begins.

    During the school year, students will have full use of the district-owned laptop assigned to them for purposes relating to their participation in the instructional program.  At the time of distribution, the student will be required to sign the Student/Parent Mobile Computing Device Agreement verifying the receipt of the laptop.  The Watauga County asset tag number and the laptop serial number will be noted on the Student/Parent MCD Agreement and initialed by the student.
    • Will students be allowed to carry their own book bag to carry the laptop, or will they be issued a laptop bag?
      • Students will be required to carry the mobile device in the backpack provided by WCS.  The backpack will become the property of the student.  If the backpack is lost, the replacement cost will be $46.  This backpack will have room for student books and other essential items for school, in addition to their mobile device.  If a parent wishes to take the backpack and have it monogrammed, that is allowed but would be at the parents' expense.  Students may choose to personalize their backpack by other means as well (for example:  luggage tags, scarves, ribbons, bandanas or patches) as long as they are acceptable for school.   
    • What training is available for parents?
      • Orientation will be provided to parents new to our school/district prior to laptop distribution.  Returning parents will receive their school start-up information at Open House, within the first two weeks of school.
    Continuing for the 2016-17 school year:
    • What filter(s) are in place to protect student from visiting harmful websites?
      • Watauga County Schools will use a network program to block objectionable websites. This filter will also be installed on the student laptops and filter the internet even off campus. While the filter will make a "best effort" at blocking all objectionable websites, WCS does not guarantee that all inappropriate sites will be blocked. Parental monitoring is the best filter.
    • Will parents need to purchase additional items for the laptop?
      • Not necessarily, but it is recommended for students to have a way to back up their documents.
    • What if the laptop stops working at home (after school hours)?
      • WHS students can consult the Help Desk reference materials and/or bring the laptop to the WHS help desk during the WHS Help Desk hours.
    • What will be the consequences for misuse or inappropriate use of the laptop?
      • Details will be provided in the WCS Responsible Use Policy (RUP) and the WCS Code of Conduct and the WHS Student/Parent Mobile Computing Device Handbook.
    • Will students carry fewer textbooks once they have laptops?
      • This will be a transition over time as teachers begin to use more digital content for instruction and assignments.
    • What resources will be available on the laptop?
      • The laptop will have a full productivity suite with word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software.
      • The laptop will contain audio and video content creation and editing software
      • The laptop will contain virus protection software.
    • Will students keep laptops over the summer break?
      • No.  Students will turn in their laptops prior to the end of the school year for maintenance.
    • Will the laptops have webcameras?
      • The laptops have integrated webcams.  To allay any concerns about privacy, please note that the camera can only be activated by the computer userIt cannot and will not be used by anyone to monitor the user without his or her knowledge.
    • What happens when a laptop needs repair/updating?  What will the student use?
      • Generally, student laptops will be repaired within a 24 hour period. 
    • Will the students be able to borrow a laptop if they leave theirs at home?
      • No. Students will be expected to bring their laptop fully charged to school every day.
    • What are the limits on downloads to the computer and installation of additional programs/applications?
      • Students will not be able to install any additional programs or applications.
    • What should a student do if their laptop is lost or stolen?
      • Students need to report all incidents of lost and/or theft to the Help Desk and to WHS administration.  In the case of a stolen laptop, the students/parents need to file a police report.