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    2021 Tryout Interest Form is now active!

    All players planning on trying out must fill out this form before tryouts.

    2021 Tryout Information Form


    This coming Monday and Tuesday (3/1 and 3/2) are tryouts. The morning fitness portion will begin at 7:00 AM on the high school football field. We will be running on the field itself, so cleats are recommended. This session will run until around 7:40, so plan accordingly for rides and school. The morning fitness tryouts make you eligible for both varsity and junior varsity. If you do not attend both morning fitness sessions, you will only be eligible for junior varsity. 
    The afternoon sessions will be small sided game situations. For these, we will begin at 4:00 PM on the high school football field as well. Please make sure to bring a mask, cleats, shin guards, and your own water bottle. These sessions will run until around 5:30. You will need to make sure you are out on the field, dressed and ready by 4:00 PM. We will have the Lacrosse locker room open for afternoon sessions only. 
    You each have been assigned a random number that we will inform you of on Monday. This number is how you will determine whether you made junior varsity, varsity, or were cut altogether. We hope to finalize rosters and send out an email with that information Tuesday evening. 



    The mission of Watauga Women’s Soccer is to create an environment for a fun and rewarding experience in the sport of soccer where players can develop technically, tactically, physically and mentally. Watauga Women’s Soccer strives to maintain an environment that embodies the core values of academics, discipline, integrity, sacrifice and hard work.



    The Watauga Women’s Soccer aspires to be an outstanding educational-athletic program that provides a high-quality experience for every student-athlete.



    • Academics: Academics are the reason co-curricular activities exist within the school system. Participation in athletics is never an excuse for poor performance in the classroom.
    • Discipline: Doing the right when no one is looking
    • Integrity: Be true to yourself, to your teammates and to the coaching staff
    • Sacrifice: The star of the team is the team. “WE” supersedes “ME”
    • Hard Work: Pushing yourself (and teammates) to be the best every day



    We pride ourselves on academics, discipline, integrity, sacrifice, hard work, and playing the game of soccer as a team. We play for the name on front of the jersey “WATAUGA” and not for the number or name on the back of the jersey. We hold each other accountable and we value team work by believing everyone on the team plays a role for our collective success.



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