Cheerleaders ARE leaders within their school and set a good example at all times.

    Cheerleaders ARE expected to have and maintain a character above reproach and to exhibit personal appearance and habits that will reflect a positive image.


    • A cheerleader must maintain good behavior in all school classes and activities.
    • A cheerleader should strive to make the best grades possible. This means doing homework, listening and participating in class, and setting an example for others to follow.
    • Cheerleaders are to obey ALL school rules.
    • Cheerleaders will not display bad habits such as smoking, vaping, drinking, drugs, and improper language. These could warrant their dismissal from the squad!
    • Cheerleaders will conduct themselves properly at all times, for they are the official student representatives of the school.


    Squad Behavior:

    • Always be positive when regarding our teams or any of its players.
    • Respect everyone; Disrespect or profanity of any kind could result in disciplinary action.
    • Always be positive when regarding your fellow cheerleaders.
    • Be willing to go the extra mile to improve the squad.
    • Do your share of the work; Volunteer without being asked.
    • Refrain from arguing in public as a squad.
    • Show good sportsmanship at all times.
    • Give 110% in all aspects of cheerleading.
    • Absences due to work schedules are unexcused. Job schedules must work around cheer.
    • Do not chew gum while in uniform or at practice.
    • Be neat in appearance and follow the school dress code when attending any function that represents the school.
    • All uniform pieces must be on your body in the correct manner at all times.
    • The same hairstyle will be required for each cheerleader (ponytail, braid, etc.) when in uniform.
    • DO NOT wear jewelry or wear colored nail polish while in uniform. Nails must be athletic length – no longer than the end of finger tips.
    • Cell phones need to be put away during games and practices.
    • DO NOT make excuses – for anything.


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