• ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN (SEE LINK BELOW). The Holiday/Snow Day Program at Hardin Park will begin on Monday, November 11, 2019 (unless a snow day occurs between registration and November 11).   

    To complete registration, you must attend a class at one of the times listed below and pay the registration fees.

    • October 9 OR October 10 -  Hardin Park cafeteria at 6:00 p.m. sharp.

    You will be expected to pay your registration fee at the time you attend the class at Hardin Park. See the Fees sheet on the main after school page for Holiday/Snow Day fee information.

    See registration link and parent information at the bottom of this page.



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Holiday/Snow Day Program (Hardin Park)


    Please note that registration is required before a child can attend the program. Because licensing regulations require that certain policies be explained directly to parents, even when the policies are also provided in writing, registration must be completed in person with the Program Coordinator. However, you can speed up registration by filling out the on line registration form. After your registration is submitted, contact the program coordinator to make an appointment to attend a policy class (Program Coordinator contact information may be found on this page in the left hand column). Please bring the registration fee of $230.00 per child to your pre-scheduled appointment with the program coordinator. Payment must be received at the time of registration. A complete description of costs is available by clicking on "2019-2020 Fees"  under the "Parent Handbook,Fees,..." in the left hand column of this page .
    If you need a computer to fill out our online registration, please ask the program coordinator.

    After the initial registration in October , registration is by appointment only

    Program Summary
    The Holiday/Snow Day program is licensed as a school-age child care program by the NC Division of Child Development and offers supervised educational, recreational, and enrichment activities. The program operates 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. for Watauga County Schools students in grades K-5 at Hardin
    Park elementary school on some holidays, teacher work days, or when schools are closed due to inclement weather. 

    Program Personnel and Management
    The Hardin Park after school Program Coordinator is in charge of daily operations on-site, including supervision of staff, activity planning, ordering and organizing materials and supplies, and compliance with licensing regulations and program polices. Most personnel are ASU students majoring in child development or a related field. All personnel receive criminal background checks and each center has personnel trained in CPR and First Aid. Child/staff ratios are typically in the range of 14-18:1 depending on the age of the children. Overall program management is provided by Pam Shirley (264-7190).

    Fees for each child are $23.00 per day. For complete costs see "2019-2020 FEES" on the "Holiday/Snow Day Parent Handbook,Fees..." page from the left hand column of this page.  Since we must hire and pay staff based on expected attendance, fees are charged based on a child's registration, not his/her attendance.
    All children registered for the snow option must pay for all snow days that the program operates during the time they are registered whether the child attends or not. The days listed on the registration are the only optional days. Choose these"Pre-determined" days carefully, there are NO REFUNDS for these dates once a child is registered.
    Refunds for snow days requested by December 1 will be granted less a $25.00 processing fee and charges for any days for which the program has already operated. No refunds for snow days are granted that occur while a child is registered whether the child attends or not.
    No refunds will be made after December 13. 

    Subsidies are available to eligible parents through the Department of Social Services, Caldwell Community College (students only), and clients of WAMY Community Action. A Reduced Rate is available for parents whose children attend the after school program, apply and are qualified.There are a limited number of spaces available for this subsidy. The costs of two  snacks daily  and program supplies are included in the program fees (see complete Fee Scale at the bottom of the page). Each child must bring his/her own lunch.
    The Snack menu for the first 10 Snow Days may be found by clicking on the link below.