• UPDATE: The Middle School Football Game on 9/11 (Against East Alexander Middle) has been moved to be a home game starting at 5:00PM at WHS!

    Please go to this link to register and submit all paperwork needed.



    2019 Watauga County Middle School

    Football Schedule

    Tuesday 8/27
    Mitchell @ Watauga 5:00


    Wednesday 9/04
    West Alexander @ Watauga 5:00


    Wednesday 9/11
    East Alexander @ WHS 5:00


    Wednesday 9/18
    Hudson @ Watauga


    Wednesday 9/25
    Granite Falls @ WHS


    Wednesday 10/2
    @ Hibriten


    Wednesday 10/9
    @ Gamewell


    IMPORTANT!  Before coming to the first football practice, all athletes and parents must complete the Gfeller-Waller concussion form and the athletes must have a current physical (within the past 395 days) before they can even try out or participate.


    Questions? Contact Coach Neff - NeffM@wataugaschools.org 828-719-9204



    Middle School Athletic Eligibility

    The Wolverines football team is a combined team featuring players from all of the Watauga County K-8 schools.

    Only students in grades seven through nine may participate in middle school (7th and 8th grades) or
    junior high school (7th, 8th and 9th grades) interscholastic athletic competition, provided ninth grade
    is housed in the same building with seventh and eighth grades. In order to qualify for public school
    participation, a student must meet the following requirements:


    In grades seven and eight, the student must pass at least one less course than the number of required
    core courses each semester and meet promotion standards established by the LEA.
    If an athlete is "academically eligible” or "academically ineligible” at the beginning of any semester,
    that status is retained throughout the full semester. It is the responsibility of the school principal to
    check the academic status of each student/athlete enrolled in school at the beginning and close of a


    The principal must have evidence of the legal birth date of the student. A student shall not
    participate on a seventh or eighth grade team if the student becomes 15 years of age on or before
    August 31 of that school year.
    A player must have attended school at least 85% of the previous semester. A student must, at any
    time of any game in which he or she participates, be a regularly enrolled member of the school’s
    student body, according to local policy. If there is no local policy, “regularly enrolled” is defined as
    enrolled for at least one-half of the “minimum load.” It is recommended the student be in school the
    day of the contest.

    Sports Pre-participation and Medical Examination Form

    In order to be eligible for practice or participation in interscholastic athletic contests, the student
    must receive a medical examination once every 395 days by a duly licensed physician, nurse
    practitioner, or physician assistant, subject to the provisions of G.S.90-9, 90-18.1, and 90-18.2.

    Football Coaching Staff Contact Sheet 

    Middle School Football Staff:
    Head Coach  - Michael Neff              Email:  NeffM@wataugaschools.org

    Assistant Coach - Ian Duda

    Assistant Coach - Brandon Calhoun

    Assistant Coach - Jordan Jackson

    Assistant Coach - Ken Hayes

    Coach Ryan Habich Head Coach Watauga High School Football

    Phone  828-264-2407    ext.10152          Email: habichr@wataugaschools.org

    Jim Godwin

    Middle School Athletic Director

    Phone  828-264-8481                             Email: godwinj@wataugaschools.org