MABEL EXTENDED LEARNING CENTER                                  


    Our Mission:
    math   The school-age children at Mabel Elementary School
    will have the opportunity for a safe nurturing environment in
    after school that addresses the needs of the total child
    and the working parents of our community.


    Statement of Purpose:
    Mabel Extended Learning Center serves Mabel Elementary students
    enrolled in kindergarten through fifth grade. in a convenient location
    at a reasonable cost.
    Students are exposed to age-appropriate activities
    that are safe and fun.
    Everything we do is to support and is supported by


    Mabel Extended Learning Center is a licensed
    5 star school-age child care program by the NC Division of Child Development.

    Program Hours of Operation

    Mabel Extended Learning Center after school program

    offers supervised educational, recreational, and enrichment activities 2:30 – 6:00 p.m.,
    Monday through Friday on school days for Mabel students in grades K-5 at Mabel Elementary School .
    We open at 12:00 on pre-scheduled early release days, but do not operate
    on holidays, teacher work days, or when schools are closed or dismissed early due to inclement weather .
    A holiday/work day/snow day program is available at Hardin Park .