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Carol Critcher - Media

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     Misson of a School Media Center/Library
    The school library complements the robust reading instruction that takes place in the classroom. Studies show that access to a wide array of texts, and choice of reading material are fundamental to growing lifelong readers. Part of becoming a reader is learning about what you like or don't like and why - the stakes of borrowing from our library are purposefully kept low for that reason (no fines, no set restrictions on what you must choose from, etc...).
    Dear Parents: 
    Sometimes our child's choices surprise us. You can use this as an opportunity to: read the book together with your child, model good readers' behaviour by trying the book out to see if it's a right fit, discussing what drew your child to that book and using their answer to choose other books that you can have at home.  You are always welcome in our School Media Center.  We are a team!  Happy Reading!





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    Library Class Expectations

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    Mrs. Critcher's Read Aloud Selections 


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           Author Websites 


            Jan Brett          Eric Carle          Andrew Clements         

            James Dashner   Mem Fox       Dan Gutman   

             Kevin Henkes    Jeff Kinney     Cynthia Lord       

             Robert Munsch  Dav Pilkey     Dr. Seuss              

            R.L. Stine     Lauren Tarshis    Chris Van Allsburg




                Media Center
    Blowing Rock School has implemented a Makerspace.  It is a place where students connect with the curriculum using their imagination to create using all types of materials and 
     Please consider collecting, donating, and
    sending in the following items to assist us in our startup.
    Questions?  Contact the Mrs. Critcher
    Makerspace items needed:
    Sculpting Clay
    Origami paper
    Legos, Mega Blocks, K-nex Blocks
    Beads, Ribbon, Yarn, String, Duct Tape
    Tinker Toys
    Cardboard Tubes (paper towel, TP tubes)
    Post-It Notes
    Wrapping paper, construction and scrapbook paper
    Markers, pens, crayons
    Musical instruments
    Craft and Art supplies, popsicle sticks, toothpicks
    PVC Pipes (small diameter)
    Sewing supplies (needles, thread, scissors, fabric)
    Cardboard of any kind
    Logo for NC Kids Digital Library
     School Wide Read 2019
    After the Fall:  How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again
    After the Fall
    Our completed school wide art project collaboration
    Spread Your Wings and Fly
    What's New for 5th
    Adopt A Shelf
    Read Across America Week
    Spirit Week!
    Monday, March 2 through Friday, March 6th
    Dr. Seuss' birthday is Monday, March 2





    Random Acts of Kindness

    Based on Book, “Each Kindness” by Jacqueline Woodson



    Wear Green

    Based on the book, “Green” by Laura Vaccaro Seeger


    Wear mismatched socks

    Based on My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks by Hanoch Piven


    Wear something that you can read.  Based on Read the Book, Lemmings by Ame Dyckman


     Wear your funniest hat.

    Based on This is not my hat by J. Klaussen

    Please participate in the Read Across America Bingo!


    Read Across America Week Update!!
    Bingo Fun!  See pictures of some of the participating teachers with their book!  
    Mrs. Tali Ascanio won the yellow mushroom stool!
    Read Across America
    Mrs. Ascanio and class
    Mrs. Kingdon
    Mrs. Whiteside
    Mrs. McFalls
    Mrs. Tapio
    Mrs. Ward