Sam Snyder - First Grade

  • Supply List for First Grade:

    -1 pack of #2 pencils (preferably sharpened)
    -1 box of crayons
    -1 box of colored pencils
    - 10-12 glue sticks
    - 1 large pencil box (plastic ones work the best)
    - 2-3 rectangular erasers
    - 1 two pocket folder (glossy ones with no prongs work best)
    - 1 pair of Fiskars scissors
    - 1 pair of high-quality kid headphones, No ear buds please

    - Water bottle and healthy snack daily

    *One complete set of clothes and shoes for emergency needs


    Optional Needs for Our Class:

    -Clorox wipes (most needed)

    -Anti-bacterial Hand Soap

    -Gallon size Zip-Lock bags