Laurie Gill - Reading Specialist

  • Hi!  Welcome to my blog.  I’m Blowing Rock School's Reading Specialist, and I mostly serve students in K-3.  This is my 6th happy year in the county schools.  I love our small community of Blowing Rock and would like to get to know each of you better in time.  I moved to the High Country to collaborate with Dr. Darrell Morris, the head of the ASU’s reading clinic.  He and my husband, who also teaches in APP's Reading Program, were motorcycle buddies back in the day, and both went into Reading which just means, how to teach teachers to better teach reading.  My husband Tom and I have worked on and off with Dr. Morris through the years and we knew this was a good place to dig deeper into our “reading work”.  Tom teaches at the university but I prefer to work directly with children and their teachers on bettering reading ability and instruction.  I love our school because the teachers are professional and sharing; the children are polite, reflective and caring; and no one has a better support staff than we do in our office personnel, principal, lunch ladies and custodial staff.  

    I’m a voracious reader of articles about parenting from birth on and of course I’m most interested in how families can give their children the best chance of learning to read and, as important, liking to read.  Almost all children can learn to read if we as teachers and family members provide the needed support, opportunity and know-how.  I am glad to have a set-aside page where I can link you to further resources for learning more about how reading unfolds over time, some do’s and don’t’s, and good books for various ages, grades, and interests.  

    I’m also looking for help with menial tasks now and then like repairing books and labeling new books we sometimes order so we can push them out to children and classrooms, so if you are interested, please give me a call at 828-406-6018 or email me at (that’s three L’s).  And I am always open to donations of books or the money to purchase books for use with students and for other BRS teachers to use with students.  A long term dream is to build a state-of-the-art "Shared Book Library" from which teachers can pull sets of books that fit their curriculum and their students' varied reading levels.  For example, if the topic is Ellis Island, wouldn't it be great to have 3 or 4 different titles on that topic on differing reading levels so all students in a grade level can directly access those ideas?

    You’re also welcome to drop in on me--going through our front office first, of course.  When I’m not in my room, I’m at the back of our Media Center working with kindergartners and first graders, or I’m in a teacher’s classroom.