• Blowing Rock Receives Book Grant

    Congrats to Laurie Gill, Blowing Rock's reading specialist, on her recent award of a $7,500 grant to support 2nd-8th grade teachers to buy book sets for the 2nd-8th grade Teacher Shared Library. The grant was awarded through The Trustees of the Clabough Foundation. 


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  • K-2 Summer Books

    BRS has a unique program, in which we check out leveled book boxes for summer reading. These books are crafted to ease children up the reading “ladder”. Matching grants in Spring 2020 from Dollar General and local business ECRS made the Summer Book Box idea possible last June. As books and boxes get used, we’ll seek funding to freshen our supply, but this year we are ready for families to come and check out their boxes!


    Two times are set aside to drive through our car line and pick up a book box. We think helping families with early readers get a bunch of these books in the home is a useful way to prevent “summer slide”, the reading plateau or back-sliding some students experience if they don’t have “just-right-level” books at hand. Why not make it easy on busy families trying to pack lots of fun into summer? 


    9:00-11:00AM Friday, June 11th, Kathy Newton and Emily Link from BRS will greet you in the school car line to give you a box targeted to your child’s reading level. 

    4:30-6:00PM Monday, June 14th, I’ll meet those who can’t make it June 11th. 

    If neither time works for you, boxes will be available in our office after June 14th. Call us at 828-295-3204 to ask when to drop by. For most students, we have a rough idea of what level box to check out, but we won’t be perfect. If the box you take home is too hard or too easy, we’ll have the next level you can trade for. Same all summer: if your child reads a lot over the summer, you may want to come and switch for the next higher-level box. 


    Reading awards in the form of free books, many attractive and hardbound will be given to students at the beginning of next school year when book boxes are brought back. Instructions for how to earn free books are in the book boxes. 

    For further questions, please text or email BRS reading teacher, Laurie Gill at 828-406-6018 or gilll@wataugaschools.org. (Gill with another L for Laurie)

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  • 'Say Something" Program

    Over the coming weeks, Watauga County Schools will adopt a state-approved reporting program called the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System. The system will allow students, staff, and teachers to anonymously report issues of concern regarding student and school safety. Middle and high school students will receive information from their schools starting next week about the reporting system and how to submit reports.

    Students will have access to a mobile app that will allow them to submit tips to a national crisis center staffed 24/7 by trained counselors. The crisis center staff will triage, categorize and deliver tip information to local law enforcement and school staff who will then be able to investigate to determine the level of concern or threat. Tips will be categorized as either “life safety” or “non-life safety” based on the information provided. The Crisis Center will notify school staff and the local 911 dispatch after-hours when tips are life-threatening or in cases of imminent threat.

    Tips can be sent in via the web, a phone hotline, or through the app – including photos and videos.

    Parents are strongly encouraged to discuss the appropriate use of the reporting system with their children and to be aware if the app is loaded onto phones or other personal electronic devices. Parents with questions about the new system are welcome to call the school any time to talk with our school counselor. 
    Additional information about the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System can be found online at SaySomething.net.
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  • BR Cares

    BR Cares

    Document of Flyer Above

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  • Sports Physical Reminder 


    All students who wish to tryout for sports this upcoming school year must have completed an updated sports physical. The physical must have been completed within 395 days of the first day of tryouts for whatever sport they are participating in. Students who do not have a physical WILL NOT be allowed to tryout.

    Most doctors have the sport physical form on hand, but if they do not, you can find one on the Blowing Rock Volleyball webpage:https://www.wataugaschools.org/Page/2995

    If you have any questions please email (dellingerl@wataugaschools.org) or message me.

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  • Transportation Changes

    Whenever possible, transportation changes need to be made before 2:00, please. This ensures we relay the information to the teacher and student before release. Thank you so much. 

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  • When to Stay Home

    When to Stay Home Poster

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